31 August 2014

DIY flower garland

Hello lovlies! I'm here, bringing a DIY flower garland for you guys today! I was totally inspired by a fellow blogger, a pair & a spare, with her original take on a rose garland diy, and I wanted to recreate it with my own twist to it. This is such a cute and easy diy to take up some space on your empty wall, and what better way to know that you made it all by yourself?

To add my own spice to this garland, I added my own polaroid pictures and other sentiments such as a dreamcatcher and a few bracelets. 

twines or strings (109 inch)
flower bunches
clothespins & your own sentiments (anything you would want to add to the garland)
mason jar (for any extra flowers you have left over)
nails & hammer

1. You'll need to cut off the flowers and leave about 1 inch of stem left to it.
2. Of the 109 inch string, leave space to tie the string to a nail by starting 14 inches in and tying one of the flower heads there. Make sure you double knot it!

3. 7 inches from where that flower head is, tie another flower head there. Keep doing so in increments of 7 inches to however long you would like your garland to be. Once you are satisfied with its length, count another 14 inches of string (so it could be even with the start of the string) and cut there.

4. When you're done doing the hard part, tie the string to a nail and hammer the garland to where you prefer the garland to be and add your sentiments! I used mini clothespins to hang them up... & voila! You're done!

So with the extra flowers I had left, I just cut them (with the bottoms at an angle) to a length that'll fit my mason jar.

I hope you guys like this DIY and I hope it was as easy for you as it was for me. It's just a little something to take up your time if you are left with nothing to do! Whenever I find myself in this situation, I always make DIY's for my room or for the house overall. Anyways, happy blogging and I'll talk to you guys next time! xo, Vanessa.

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