24 August 2014


If there is anything that we're supposed to be sad about around this time of year, it is that summer is coming to an end and we have to wake up from our dreams and get back to our daily lives at school and/or work. But even though summer is transitioning into fall very soon, I'm sure everyone has had their fair share in an adventurous summer full of traveling, laughter, love and other whatnots.

My summer was probably incomparable (in a boring way) to your guys' summer in Rome or Hawaii because I spent it studying for the SAT's and doing my summer AP homework (I know. Fun, right?) 

Although I was stuck in the freezing SAT classes and at home, I was lucky enough to sneak in some fun, which I spent with my family and friends. Here are 5 things I did over the summer:

I didn't have as much time as I had hoped for, but hey, at least I got some time in, right? In the first picture, I was with my cousins at the park, reliving old memories and making new ones. Pictured is my favorite person ever, Demi. In the second picture, I planned a bonfire with my close-knit group at the Huntington Beach. I also had one last summer, so I thought why not make it a tradition? I've known these people since middle school and have loved every single minute I've spent with them. 

As most of you in Orange County have known by now, there is this place called the Anaheim Packing House that contains multiple restaurants that are oh-so-exquisite! They have this one ice cream shop called 'popbar' that is just my favorite (the green tea gelato, omg!!). To those of you who haven't tried it, I suggest you do! They also have a farmer's market every Sunday that I have yet to visit (but hopefully, I will soon). 

I don't remember the last time I've been to San Diego (which was a really long time ago), and I've never been on a train. My mother and I decided to have a mother-daughter week where do just about anything for a whole week. A train to San Diego was on the list. We took a train there and had no plan or idea of what we were actually doing. We just went with the flow. In fact, our motto for the day was "Just go." And with that, we walked passed countless blocks, boarded trolleys with no idea how to use them (we eventually did figure them out), and made a few friends that helped us to where we needed to go. This trip was honestly my favorite just because it was a first for a lot of things I haven't done as well as getting to spend it with my mother.

Last but not least, this was also taken during our mother-daughter week as well. We ate lunch at Urth Caffé in Santa Monica. And you're not going to guess who I saw... Nolan Funk from the MTV show Awkward!! He is so cute and his smile in real life is so darn charming! Anyways, after Urth Caffé, my mother and I visited the famous Abbot Kinney Blvd. We stopped by the LF annual summer sale, and surprisingly & sadly, I walked out empty-handed. I love this street; it just has so many quirky and cute shops that caught my attention right away. This picture above was a wall I found on the street, and I just adored it.

So there are my five highlights of the summer. What are your guys' favorite memories of the summer? Comment down below and tell me what you think! Happy blogging! xo, Vanessa.

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