27 August 2014

Stripes, Tennis Skirts, and Universities

Hi lovelies! How are you guys doing today? It was a pretty sunny day today, just the perfect weather!

Today, I toured UCSD with my mother and my cousin and I just have to say.... holy moly. I fell instantly in love with it. There are so many student activities going around the whole campus and the campus itself is just a beauty.

We were able to walk around the majority of the campus and the tour guide talked about the whole 6 six colleges within UCSD, the 4-quarter system they have there, and interesting facts about the school itself. Apparently, they have a lot of concerts (i.e. Macklemore, Armin Van Buren, etc.) held at their auditoriums as well which is so amazing to me. Did you know colleges do that... or is it just me being a little sheltered girl here, haha.

My tour ended around 12ish, so we went and grabbed lunch at their food court area. There is this one bomb restaurant called Dlush, and I got their Cous Cous Goddess salad with herb all-white-meat chicken (sooo good!) The whole campus actually reminds me of Zoey 101, not even joking. Maybe one day I'll see myself walking around the campus as a student, hehe.

Anyways, now that I'm done going on and on with UCSD... this is what I wore today!

Blue-Navy Striped top & Knit Tank|| Brandy Melville
Black Tennis Skirt|| Forever 21
Clear Jelly Shoes|| American Apparel

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