28 September 2014

Cool, Calm, Collected

Hello darlings! Another day, another post. (Surprised? Back to back post, something new!!) Anyways, I wanted to take a break from studying and make this post. On yesterday's post about updates and how school is so stressful for me right now, I thought I could make another post on how you can de-stress yourself!

Keeping calm and relaxing is fundamental to help balance your life out with the good and the bad. The yin and the yang. There are so many ways that I have learned over the past few years that helps me relax. Everyone is different, and so my ways may be different than yours. But here is how I stay cool, calm, and collected:

1. Yoga/Exercising
I started doing yoga about a little over  a year ago, and I think the practice of yoga really helps you stay centered. It gives you a type of mindset that is really indescribable. It allows you to notice the little things around you and to appreciate those little things. It allows you connect to the Earth and what it has to offer. It can also help you gain flexibility and the ability to retain it. Last but certainly not least, not only does it relieves stress from your life, it reminds you to appreciate and practice kindness to yourself and your body. The deep breathing that you have to constantly do during a yoga session helps keep you grounded as well, which has probably helped me the most. Deep breathing reminds myself that everything is alright and that we're all human. My favorite yoga pose will probably have to be child's pose and the downward facing dog, and I'm just starting to learn how to do the Bakasana (which is so exciting for me!). 

Free People doing it right--
And if yoga is a little bit to slow paced for you, try exercising! Likewise, both will help keep your mind off of things. Plus, with exercising, it's a win-win situation... you can get fit and stay mentally calm! When you exercise, your body burns off stress chemicals and heals your mind of all the stress locked up in your body. 

2. Anything art related, really... (Drawing/Painting/Gardening)

As a child, I have always been creative and artistic. I would draw and paint whenever I had the free time. My brother was also very artistic, and he drew so well. I would always aspire and dream to draw as good as him one day. My mother has taken up to gardening for the past few years, and it has only been recently that I started gardening with her. She would arrange these huge pots with a varying succulents. When she would finish, it was be so stunning and beautiful. Just like an art piece,  so yes, I do consider gardening an art. 

Being into art, it kind of gave me a way to release my mind and to just not think about anything that's going on in my life. The only thing I would be focusing on is on whatever I'm working on, or on the music that I blast while I work. 

3. Reading/ Netflix

I know some people don't read, but it's honestly the best thing when you are in your comfiest clothing, candles are burning and their aroma just surrounding your room, the only lights you have on are your lamps, and you're snuggled in bed with the most interesting book. And if you don't like to read period... well substitute a book for the heavenliest thing ever invented, Netflix. Both are just so relaxing and the best way to stay in on a Friday night. 

~I emphasize on the most interesting book because I think that the only way that I could actually read for hours on end is when I have a good book to read. Is that just me? If it's a book I am supposed to read for school, or if it's just plain boring, I would fall asleep after like the first two paragraph.... 

4. Sleeping

Now, I don't know about you, but whenever things get too much to handle and I'm on the verge of having a mental breakdown, I just go take a nap... Weird, I know... but the problem to me being so stressful sometimes is that I don't get enough sleep. I usually sleep at around 12-2am and have to wake up around 7. A normal teenager is supposed to have around 8 hours of sleep in order to fully function the next day. And sometimes sleep is probably all you need in order to stay collected.

Those things that I have just listed all help me to de-stress my life and keep me grounded. We're all human here, and we are all different and we all have different ways as to what keeps us collected. My ways are what worked for me, and hopefully they'll work for you guys as well. I hope you guys liked this post and thought it was a bit helpful (hopefully?). Have a stress-free rest of your Sunday and happy blogging, loves! xo, Vanessa. 

27 September 2014

updates & ootd

Hello loves! Long time no chat :'( I've been so stressed out and busy with school. This past week (& the week before), I've been dealing with tests and and an overload with homework. But the exciting news about school is that I'm creating a fashion club that works through FIDM with another lovely and ambitious girl. So this past week was mainly focusing on my tests and getting everything ready for Club Rush :)) I'm so excited for the year to come and I have so many ideas for our club! I'll be sure to document some of the journey on here as well.

I had meant to post this 2 days ago, but I haven't had the time to even breathe! But this was my ootdd 2 days ago:

Black Crop Top|| Foreign Exchange
Black Maxi Skirt|| American Apparel
Clear Jelly Flats|| American Apparel
Crystal Necklace|| Brandy Melville

I hope you all had a lovely and a less stressful week than I did... But if it was stressful and if it ever gets too much for you, just take a moment and take 3 long breaths to calm your nerves. it honestly helps, and of course, I will always be here to listen to any of you if have the need to talk about something. Anyways, enjoy what is left of your weekend and happy blogging! xo, Vanessa. 

14 September 2014


Hello lovely people of the world!! How is your lazy Sunday going?? Mine was pretty lazy, but also kind of productive? I woke up around 11 am and ate breakfast/lunch around 1. Last night, I was watching the movie LOL (the 2008 French version), but I fell asleep! So after brunch, I finished watching the film. I think this is one of the movies that I can watch over and over again. I just love it! There is also a 2012 English version starring Miley Cyrus (which is probably my favorite of the two, maybe because Douglas Booth is in it too...). That movie is pretty much the same as the 2008 version, but with different actors and slight plot changes. After that, my mother and I went to Ikea to look for some cushions for these benches we have in the backyard. I am always so inspired whenever I go to Ikea. My favorite thing ever is shopping for home decor or home things in general. All the featured rooms they put together to display on the 2nd floor are all interesting and unique and gives me so many ideas with what I could do to my room and around the house. We couldn't find the cushions, but we did end up buying a few things. 

Anyways, enough of my lazy Sunday! I am here to share my favorite looks of the infamous NYFW and LFW this year!! I was so excited everyday for the past week in the morning for school to be over so I could take a look at the different shows and collections that all the designers have had put all of their hard work into at the show. And obviously since I can't actually fly to New York or London to see them first-hand (hopefully, one day), I headed on over to fashionista.com and looked through their posts on all the SS15 collections and watched a few of the shows there. 

Here are some of my favorite looks from this years NYFW & LFW, on the streets and on the runway!
Credit: http://fashionista.com/2014/09/nyfw-street-style-day#dsc2609-fjpg
Photo by @ashleyjahncke
Credit: http://fashionista.com/2014/09/nyfw-street-style-day#nyfwss15week1-42jpg
Olivia Lazuardy. Photo by Emil Lendof
Credit: http://fashionista.com/2014/09/alexander-wang-spring-2015#alexander-wang-rs15-1545jpg
Alexander Wang Spring 2015 Collection
Photo by Imaxtree
Credit: http://fashionista.com/2014/09/new-york-fashion-week-day-1#richard-chai-rs15-0942jpg
Richard Chai Spring 2015 Collection
Credit: http://fashionista.com/2014/09/michael-kors-spring-2015#kors-rs15-0614jpg
Michael Kors Spring 2015 Collection
Photo by Imaxtree
Credit: http://fashionista.com/2014/09/nyfw-street-style-day#dsc2221-fjpg
Alena Vezza. Photo by @ashleyjahncke
Credit: http://nowfashion.com/julien-macdonald-ready-to-wear-spring-summer-2015-london-10317?photo=490244
Julien MacDonald Spring Summer 2015 Collection @ London Fashion Week
Photo by Gio Staiano
Credit: http://nowfashion.com/julien-macdonald-ready-to-wear-spring-summer-2015-london-10317?photo=490241
Julien MacDonald Spring Summer 2015 Collection @ London Fashion Week
Photo by Gio Staiano

Credit: http://fashionista.com/2014/09/michael-kors-spring-2015#kors-rs15-0161jpg
Michael Kors Spring 2015 Collection
Photo by Imaxtree
Credit: http://fashionista.com/2014/09/new-york-fashion-week-day-1#454646628jpg
Meskita Spring 2015 Collection
Photo by Frazer Harisson/Getty Images 
Credit: http://fashionista.com/2014/09/rodarte-spring-2015#rodarte-rs15-1412jpg
Rodarte Spring 2015 Collection
Photo by Imaxtree

Hope you liked this post and was as excited for NYFW and LFW(which ends in 2 days) as much as I was. For the people who took a bit of their time to read my posts, thank you! I've only started this blog about a month ago and even though this blog hasn't reached like 1000000 followers the first month (which is impossible, idk if people could actually do it, but props to them if they can), I'm glad there are some readers out there (around the world, in fact. I see you beautiful people in Europe!). Hope you keep reading on and keep up with my journey as this blog grows! xo, Vanessa. 

12 September 2014

California weather and Wednesday's OOTD

Hello loves! How are you guys doing on this very very hot day (well it was really hot for me). California is just so weird. It's been in the 90's and is going to be approaching the 100's this coming week. I am not prepared for this! I want overcasts, cool breeze, and rain. But we probably won't be getting the rain part, considering we're in a drought...

 Today was quite an eventful day, but aren't all Fridays? A representative from UCSB visited our school today and talked about the campus and the requirements and all that other college stuff. So I signed up to attend that meeting and yeah! Pretty interesting, but I want to see the campus for myself. Maybe on one of the breaks during the school year, I'll visit!

Also, my friend who moved schools came to visit us during lunch today! It was such a nice surprise because we haven't seen her for such a long time. Loved loved loved it :').

Last night, after what seemed like almost a year (but was just a couple months), I reconciled with my good friend after not talking to her and she not talking to me because of something so stupid now that we look at it (I know... so fifth grade right??). I'm really glad I made the first move to reach out. If you guys are ever in a situation like me, be the first to reach out even if it wasn't your fault over something. You would definitely want someone to be there for you and for the parts of your life that you want to share them with. (It also makes you feel good because you're the mature one for reaching out first here, hehe). Anyways, I'm now typing this post after school and then later tonight, I'm going to watch The Giver with my friend, Pauline. 

I meant to post this up on the day of when I took these pictures, but I had too much schoolwork to do. So I'll just post these now... here is my ootd from Wednesday!

Black Polka Dotted Top || Forever 21
Blue Pinstriped Shorts || American Apparel
Clear Jelly Flats || American Apparel

I hope you guys had a good Friday as well as a good Friday night! Tell me, how do you guys spend your friday nights? I'm curious. All I do is watch netflix, eat, netflix, blog, blog, and netflix... pretty accurate for some of you as well, right? Haha, anyways.. Happy blogging! xo, Vanessa. 

07 September 2014


Hello loves! This lazy Sunday is almost over, and you know what that means.... another week of school! I have a huge quiz for AP US History tomorrow and I don't think I'm ready whatsoever. But all is well when I do find time to blog, right?

I just wanted to recap on the first week of school and what my school essentials are, so here we go!

 1st day (Tuesday) 
Dress || Fashion Young
Sweater & Necklaces || Brandy Melville
Black Booties || Forever 21

The first day of school is always the day that everyone tries in their outfits for school, am I right or am I right? Whenever I choose my outfits, it'll always depend on my mood that very morning and the weather. It was fairly chilly in the morning, so I wore a blue-navy flowy dress and a really light sweater. It was the perfect combination for whenever there was a slight cool breeze during a fairly hot day, you would definitely feel it under your dress...and who wouldn't like that hahah? When it got to that point in the day where you're like "okay, no. this is like hotter than hell," you could easily just take off the sweater, like how I did, and still look cute!

2nd day (Wednesday)

Sweater || Forever 21
Boyfriend Jeans || American Eagle
Old White Tennis Shoes || Vans
White Tank || Hollister
Sunglasses || Urban Outfitters

The 2nd day of school is usually the day where people wear their not-so-best outfits because it's the 2nd day. I mean, I am totally all for it... most of the school year I would literally just wear a sweatshirt and jeans or yoga pants because I'm so lazy to try for school. But as for the 2nd day, I opted to go comfy and cute rather than not just try at all (the third day was the day I didn't try due to the fact I woke up late for school. Don't blame me, I'm still in summer mode). If I could wear an outfit with the same concept throughout the whole year, it would be like this one here (boyfriend jeans, cute top, and most likely tennis shoes). You honestly can't go wrong with this kind of outfit. And don't mind my dirty hag pair of shoes, it's clear that I should probably go get new white shoes. White shoes (vans, converse, etc) are a definite must-have in your wardrobe. They go with everything.

4th day (Friday)

Top || Target
Denim High- Waisted Shorts || American Apparel
Shoes || Urban Outfitters
Sheer Freesia Body Spray || Bath & Body Works

Friday was THE hottest day of the week (in my opinion, it was hotter than the summer days). Obviously, I had to wear shorts. This outfit is oh-so-very casual and I think the shoes make it a tad bit beachy as well. I think this outfit would also be an ideal outfit you would likely find me in if you see me daily. Because it was so hot, I used a body spray that would be faint, but would surely last throughout the day. What tied together this outfit were the bracelets I layered. What's cool about layering bracelets is that each bracelet has a different origin (like you get each one from a different place). And because of that fact, it kind of means something more to me than just a bunch of bracelets being worn together. For example, one bracelet my best friend got for me from her trip to Europe a few years ago and another bracelet I got from a farmer's market and another from my childhood doctor who I was really close with. 

School Essentials

Just a few of my school essentials are a pencil pouch that I made myself, a wallet, lotion, a flash drive  (can we just take a moment and appreciate how freaking cute my cow flash drive is???), and a journal that I use as an agenda/ where I put some of my ideas that I would like to input into this blog. 

AND that is all for this blog post about my first week of school and my essentials for a kick-ass school year. I hope you guys had a not-so-bad first week of school, especially you freshmen out there. I know how hard it is transitioning into high school, but know that there are people at school who are there to help you in this transition. If anything, I'm here for help as well! It's my third year of high school, (it's crazy that I'm considered as an upperclassman now) so I'd say I'd have some pretty good experiences I could share with you guys. 

Since it is just the beginning of school, I think the next few posts would be something to do with school, so I would love for you guys to tune in and hopefully give some feedback! Have a great rest of your lazy Sunday and happy blogging! xo, Vanessa.

05 September 2014

summer songs

Hi guys, how was your day today? Mine was great, considering it's Friday and I just got done with my first week of junior year! I'm taking some pretty hard classes this year and I really hope this year goes better than the stereotypical junior year I'm expecting it to be...

Anyways, if you're like me and you are a music enthusiast (more specifically, an alternative music enthusiast), you'll like this post... And going along with my summer favorites post (here), I'd like to share my favorite songs from the summer:

Riptide- Vance Joy
1901- Phoenix
D-D-Dance- The Royal Concept
Beware the Dog- The Griswalds
**Sex on Fire- Kings of Leon
**Supersoaker- Kings of Leon
Leave it Up To Me- The Mowgli's
Life In Color- One Republic
Au Revoir- One Republic
Spiderhead- Cage the Elephant
Cigarette Daydreams- Cage the Elephant
Over & Over- Smallpools
Fluorescent Adolescent- Arctic Monkeys
You- The 1975
**Crazy- Katie Herzig (Check her out if you're in a peaceful mood)
**Cherry Wine- Hozier (Calm &peaceful mood)
**All Comes Down- Kodaline (Def check Kodaline out too! Calm &peaceful mood)
Surround You- Echosmith
Punching in a Dream- The Naked and Famous
Hearts Like Ours- The Naked and Famous
Stubborn Love- The Lumineers
Pumpin Blood- NONONO

(** songs I absolutely adore)

There are tons more that are my summer favorites that I shouldn't list because this post would just be way too long, but you can check them out on my Spotify!

Here are the 2 playlists that I made that I listened to most during the summer:
chillest vibe
happy feels

Well, I hope you enjoyed this post and found out a little more about me and what I like. I love knowing and meeting people who have the same music taste as me, and it just makes me so happy, you know what I mean? To me, it makes the world go round. hehe anyways, happy blogging loves! xo, Vanessa

04 September 2014

summer favorites

Hello loves! Summer has officially ended for me (and fairly too soon for others), and school has started. But that doesn't mean that I don't get to talk about my summer favorites, which was all very nice while it lasted. Here are my summer faves:

Fujifilm Instax Mini 25 

This summer I couldn't live without this! It's a cute way to capture memories with your loved ones. It's also nice to hang them up on your walls (I showed you guys an example of how with the flower garland diy here) or put them together to create a journal of memories. Forget those iPhone pics and invest in these because I guarantee you, it would probably never leave your hands. 

(Dark Blue Candle) "Blue Bergamot" || Anthropologie
(Teal Candle) "Oasis Blossom" || Anthropologie

I got both of these candles from Anthropologie and they are honestly my favorite ones ever. Both smell really fresh, but the Blue Bergamot probably smells fresher and makes you feel very calm when its scent is roaming around your room. 

The Oasis Blossom is, like I said before, also fresh, but has a tinge of sweetness to it. I sometimes like to light both at the same time, and the scent that both makes at the same is just out of this world...

"Thai Lily" Perfume roller || Anthropologie
"Sheer Freesia" Body spray || Bath & Body Works

I use the Thai Lily perfume when I want to smell a bit exotic and be a bit more presentable. It leaves a subtle hint of "Bali mango, Asiatic lily, and teakwood." 

I use the Sheer Freesia body spray when it's more of a relaxing day. It's very feminine and leaves a sweet aroma of flowers and blossoms. 
 Sulwhasoo Moisturizer
Sunscreen SPF 50+
Hoola Benefit Bronzer || Sephora
Maybelline Colossal Volume Waterproof Mascara || CVS
Maybelline Baby Lips Dr. Rescue || CVS
Moroccan Oil || Target

My essentials this summer included this moisturizer from a Korean brand that my mom had given me and frankly, this stuff is saving me through the transitions from summer to fall. I get really dry skin in a couple areas of my face and this really helps with that without getting my face too oily. I would usually just wear the moisturizer and along with the sunscreen (next to it in the picture) on top of the moisturizer.

The Hoola bronzer gave a nice glow and color to my face during the summer. This was nice because I wasn't really outside a lot due to the SAT prep summer classes I was taking during the summer. 

The Maybelline Colossal volume mascara is an A+ at what it's meant to do-- volumize! My lashes are a bit long as it is and with this, it makes them even longer and more voluminous. The Maybelline Dr. Rescue baby lips also helped with chapped and dry lips-- this is also saving me with this transition, hehe. 

Last but not least, the moroccan oil helps with damaged hair. The ends of my hair aren't really damaged, but the oil helps maintain it like that! It also smells really nice and kind of reminds me of the beach. I usually just put this on after I take a shower and towel dry my hair.

"Looking For Love" (Light Blue polish) || Essie
Basic White Nail Polish 449C || Wet n Wild

Can you guys guess what my favorite nail polish colors are during the summer? -- pastels! I never really got into that whole bright and crazy fun colors trend, so pastels are the ones for me. They really bring out darker skin tones as well, making you that much tanner!

 Velvet scrunchies + No-crease hair ties
Dainty Gold Necklaces-- Cross (my grandmother gave me that), Black Jeweled (Brandy Melville)

I don't know about you, but I hate having hair in my face and down during the summer. It just gets so hot, you know? So I've been wearing these hair ties, especially scrunchies, during the summer. 

My current favorite necklaces pieces are dainty gold necklaces like these. I feel like they can really put an outfit together. What I've been doing with them is layering them as well; it gives an outfit an effortless, 'i don't care' look, but it still looks cute at the same time.

Black Romper || H&M

Also during the summer, I don't like wearing that much clothes (rest-assured, i didn't mean it like that). I hate the feeling of being swarmed by so many layers of clothing, so I would try to wear as little as possible to get an airy feel to me whenever there was a little summer breeze. Rompers are perfect for that type of feel and this one is my favorite.

Hope you guys enjoyed my long list of summer favorites and are now enjoying the transition into fall time. I'm so excited for the chill to come in, so I could wear sweaters and boots and drink hot beverages all day! Happy blogging! xo, Vanessa