12 September 2014

California weather and Wednesday's OOTD

Hello loves! How are you guys doing on this very very hot day (well it was really hot for me). California is just so weird. It's been in the 90's and is going to be approaching the 100's this coming week. I am not prepared for this! I want overcasts, cool breeze, and rain. But we probably won't be getting the rain part, considering we're in a drought...

 Today was quite an eventful day, but aren't all Fridays? A representative from UCSB visited our school today and talked about the campus and the requirements and all that other college stuff. So I signed up to attend that meeting and yeah! Pretty interesting, but I want to see the campus for myself. Maybe on one of the breaks during the school year, I'll visit!

Also, my friend who moved schools came to visit us during lunch today! It was such a nice surprise because we haven't seen her for such a long time. Loved loved loved it :').

Last night, after what seemed like almost a year (but was just a couple months), I reconciled with my good friend after not talking to her and she not talking to me because of something so stupid now that we look at it (I know... so fifth grade right??). I'm really glad I made the first move to reach out. If you guys are ever in a situation like me, be the first to reach out even if it wasn't your fault over something. You would definitely want someone to be there for you and for the parts of your life that you want to share them with. (It also makes you feel good because you're the mature one for reaching out first here, hehe). Anyways, I'm now typing this post after school and then later tonight, I'm going to watch The Giver with my friend, Pauline. 

I meant to post this up on the day of when I took these pictures, but I had too much schoolwork to do. So I'll just post these now... here is my ootd from Wednesday!

Black Polka Dotted Top || Forever 21
Blue Pinstriped Shorts || American Apparel
Clear Jelly Flats || American Apparel

I hope you guys had a good Friday as well as a good Friday night! Tell me, how do you guys spend your friday nights? I'm curious. All I do is watch netflix, eat, netflix, blog, blog, and netflix... pretty accurate for some of you as well, right? Haha, anyways.. Happy blogging! xo, Vanessa. 

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