07 September 2014


Hello loves! This lazy Sunday is almost over, and you know what that means.... another week of school! I have a huge quiz for AP US History tomorrow and I don't think I'm ready whatsoever. But all is well when I do find time to blog, right?

I just wanted to recap on the first week of school and what my school essentials are, so here we go!

 1st day (Tuesday) 
Dress || Fashion Young
Sweater & Necklaces || Brandy Melville
Black Booties || Forever 21

The first day of school is always the day that everyone tries in their outfits for school, am I right or am I right? Whenever I choose my outfits, it'll always depend on my mood that very morning and the weather. It was fairly chilly in the morning, so I wore a blue-navy flowy dress and a really light sweater. It was the perfect combination for whenever there was a slight cool breeze during a fairly hot day, you would definitely feel it under your dress...and who wouldn't like that hahah? When it got to that point in the day where you're like "okay, no. this is like hotter than hell," you could easily just take off the sweater, like how I did, and still look cute!

2nd day (Wednesday)

Sweater || Forever 21
Boyfriend Jeans || American Eagle
Old White Tennis Shoes || Vans
White Tank || Hollister
Sunglasses || Urban Outfitters

The 2nd day of school is usually the day where people wear their not-so-best outfits because it's the 2nd day. I mean, I am totally all for it... most of the school year I would literally just wear a sweatshirt and jeans or yoga pants because I'm so lazy to try for school. But as for the 2nd day, I opted to go comfy and cute rather than not just try at all (the third day was the day I didn't try due to the fact I woke up late for school. Don't blame me, I'm still in summer mode). If I could wear an outfit with the same concept throughout the whole year, it would be like this one here (boyfriend jeans, cute top, and most likely tennis shoes). You honestly can't go wrong with this kind of outfit. And don't mind my dirty hag pair of shoes, it's clear that I should probably go get new white shoes. White shoes (vans, converse, etc) are a definite must-have in your wardrobe. They go with everything.

4th day (Friday)

Top || Target
Denim High- Waisted Shorts || American Apparel
Shoes || Urban Outfitters
Sheer Freesia Body Spray || Bath & Body Works

Friday was THE hottest day of the week (in my opinion, it was hotter than the summer days). Obviously, I had to wear shorts. This outfit is oh-so-very casual and I think the shoes make it a tad bit beachy as well. I think this outfit would also be an ideal outfit you would likely find me in if you see me daily. Because it was so hot, I used a body spray that would be faint, but would surely last throughout the day. What tied together this outfit were the bracelets I layered. What's cool about layering bracelets is that each bracelet has a different origin (like you get each one from a different place). And because of that fact, it kind of means something more to me than just a bunch of bracelets being worn together. For example, one bracelet my best friend got for me from her trip to Europe a few years ago and another bracelet I got from a farmer's market and another from my childhood doctor who I was really close with. 

School Essentials

Just a few of my school essentials are a pencil pouch that I made myself, a wallet, lotion, a flash drive  (can we just take a moment and appreciate how freaking cute my cow flash drive is???), and a journal that I use as an agenda/ where I put some of my ideas that I would like to input into this blog. 

AND that is all for this blog post about my first week of school and my essentials for a kick-ass school year. I hope you guys had a not-so-bad first week of school, especially you freshmen out there. I know how hard it is transitioning into high school, but know that there are people at school who are there to help you in this transition. If anything, I'm here for help as well! It's my third year of high school, (it's crazy that I'm considered as an upperclassman now) so I'd say I'd have some pretty good experiences I could share with you guys. 

Since it is just the beginning of school, I think the next few posts would be something to do with school, so I would love for you guys to tune in and hopefully give some feedback! Have a great rest of your lazy Sunday and happy blogging! xo, Vanessa.

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