04 September 2014

summer favorites

Hello loves! Summer has officially ended for me (and fairly too soon for others), and school has started. But that doesn't mean that I don't get to talk about my summer favorites, which was all very nice while it lasted. Here are my summer faves:

Fujifilm Instax Mini 25 

This summer I couldn't live without this! It's a cute way to capture memories with your loved ones. It's also nice to hang them up on your walls (I showed you guys an example of how with the flower garland diy here) or put them together to create a journal of memories. Forget those iPhone pics and invest in these because I guarantee you, it would probably never leave your hands. 

(Dark Blue Candle) "Blue Bergamot" || Anthropologie
(Teal Candle) "Oasis Blossom" || Anthropologie

I got both of these candles from Anthropologie and they are honestly my favorite ones ever. Both smell really fresh, but the Blue Bergamot probably smells fresher and makes you feel very calm when its scent is roaming around your room. 

The Oasis Blossom is, like I said before, also fresh, but has a tinge of sweetness to it. I sometimes like to light both at the same time, and the scent that both makes at the same is just out of this world...

"Thai Lily" Perfume roller || Anthropologie
"Sheer Freesia" Body spray || Bath & Body Works

I use the Thai Lily perfume when I want to smell a bit exotic and be a bit more presentable. It leaves a subtle hint of "Bali mango, Asiatic lily, and teakwood." 

I use the Sheer Freesia body spray when it's more of a relaxing day. It's very feminine and leaves a sweet aroma of flowers and blossoms. 
 Sulwhasoo Moisturizer
Sunscreen SPF 50+
Hoola Benefit Bronzer || Sephora
Maybelline Colossal Volume Waterproof Mascara || CVS
Maybelline Baby Lips Dr. Rescue || CVS
Moroccan Oil || Target

My essentials this summer included this moisturizer from a Korean brand that my mom had given me and frankly, this stuff is saving me through the transitions from summer to fall. I get really dry skin in a couple areas of my face and this really helps with that without getting my face too oily. I would usually just wear the moisturizer and along with the sunscreen (next to it in the picture) on top of the moisturizer.

The Hoola bronzer gave a nice glow and color to my face during the summer. This was nice because I wasn't really outside a lot due to the SAT prep summer classes I was taking during the summer. 

The Maybelline Colossal volume mascara is an A+ at what it's meant to do-- volumize! My lashes are a bit long as it is and with this, it makes them even longer and more voluminous. The Maybelline Dr. Rescue baby lips also helped with chapped and dry lips-- this is also saving me with this transition, hehe. 

Last but not least, the moroccan oil helps with damaged hair. The ends of my hair aren't really damaged, but the oil helps maintain it like that! It also smells really nice and kind of reminds me of the beach. I usually just put this on after I take a shower and towel dry my hair.

"Looking For Love" (Light Blue polish) || Essie
Basic White Nail Polish 449C || Wet n Wild

Can you guys guess what my favorite nail polish colors are during the summer? -- pastels! I never really got into that whole bright and crazy fun colors trend, so pastels are the ones for me. They really bring out darker skin tones as well, making you that much tanner!

 Velvet scrunchies + No-crease hair ties
Dainty Gold Necklaces-- Cross (my grandmother gave me that), Black Jeweled (Brandy Melville)

I don't know about you, but I hate having hair in my face and down during the summer. It just gets so hot, you know? So I've been wearing these hair ties, especially scrunchies, during the summer. 

My current favorite necklaces pieces are dainty gold necklaces like these. I feel like they can really put an outfit together. What I've been doing with them is layering them as well; it gives an outfit an effortless, 'i don't care' look, but it still looks cute at the same time.

Black Romper || H&M

Also during the summer, I don't like wearing that much clothes (rest-assured, i didn't mean it like that). I hate the feeling of being swarmed by so many layers of clothing, so I would try to wear as little as possible to get an airy feel to me whenever there was a little summer breeze. Rompers are perfect for that type of feel and this one is my favorite.

Hope you guys enjoyed my long list of summer favorites and are now enjoying the transition into fall time. I'm so excited for the chill to come in, so I could wear sweaters and boots and drink hot beverages all day! Happy blogging! xo, Vanessa

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