30 October 2014

outfits & Halloween plans

Hello loves! How's your week going? Tomorrow's Friday (and Halloween), so at least we made it! What are your guys' plans for Halloween? I hope you're excited as I am! I'm going to be hanging out with my friend all night, and it's going to be so good because I don't get to see her that much. I got us animal PJ costumes, she a giraffe and me a koala, and we're just going to have the best time hahah

Today, we had our first DIY meeting for our fashion club, and we decorated mini pumpkins during the meeting. It was fun and nice because we all got along with each other and the whole thing was pretty chill and organized. So excited for more to come :')

Anyways, I wanted to post my outfits for the last two days (I actually tried with my outfits this week!! well... just for a few days though...).

Comfortable and cute is what I live for
Photo creds to my friend, Pauline.

Denim Jacket & Gray Dolphin Shorts || Forever 21
Black V-neck Button Ups || Brandy Melville
Black Booties || Cathy Jean

It's all about statement pieces

Brown Laced Sweater || Nordstrom Rack
Black High-Waisted Jeans || American Apparel
Black Halter Top || Brandy Melville
Gold Coined Statement Necklace & Black Booties || Forever 21

Hope you guys liked my outfits this week and hope you have a great rest of the week (and Halloween)! What are you guys going to be for Halloween? Anyways, please please please stay safe tomorrow, but don't forget to have fun, you hooligans :) Love you guys!
Xo, Vanessa. 

21 October 2014

autumn lookbook ft. booties

Hello lovely people! How is your week starting? Mine is going pretty chill, I would say. Absolutely love the mornings though because that's when it gets a little overcast and it's chilly. I could actually say it's starting to feel like autumn :) 

 & In the theme of autumn and the chilly weather and the cozy nights at home, snuggling with blankets and tea, I am here to present to you my very first lookbook for the fall, with the help of my best friend, Brittney! I especially love during this time of year, so that I could finally bring out my booties (and must I say, I actually have a lot...).

Here are 5 ways to style your autumn booties!

Hallow Skulls 

In this outfit, I tried to bring out the color of the shoes by adding this scarf, which also happened to be in spirt of Halloween. To keep warm, add layers like how I did with the black button up and the cardigan. This outfit would also look cute with just the black button up. 

Striped Frilly Shirt || Fashion Young
Black Button-Ups & the Caroline Cardigan || Brandy Melville
Black High Waisted Pants || American Apparel
Skull Scarf || Gap
Booties || Forever 21

Bold Floral

With this outfit, I was trying to dress around my floral skirt. I chose a black sweater to match with the black in the skirt, and it only made sense to pair these black booties as well. I also added a chunky gold chained necklace so that the blackness of the top wasn't so boring. Add socks that peak out of your black booties for extra cuteness! 

Black Sweater || Old Navy
Floral Skirt || Forever 21
Gold Chain Necklace || H&M
Booties || Cathy Jean

Laid-back Denim

I usually wear these black high-top converses when I'm feeling a bit laid-back, but also when I'm feeling a bit grunge. The denim jacket adds that grunge feel. Pair the jacket and the black high-tops with a worn-out shirt and black jeans, and there you have a grunge outfit! 

Moon Tee || Brandy Melville
Denim Jacket || Forever 21
Black Denim Pants || Gap
Black High Tops || Converse

Presentably Boho

This is for the ladies who want to feel very boho and very cute every once in a while (because admit it, we usually dress for the lazy days...or at least I do). I first put on a printed turtleneck crop-top that peaks out at the top of my sweater (which is also from F21). To add the bohemian feel to this outfit, I added the bold coined necklace. As for bottoms, I kept it simple with a black pleated skirt and these black heeled booties with the frilly socks peaking out at the top.
(wow I didn't notice until now, I put an outfit of basically just F21 together,  ahaha)

Sweater & Coin Necklace & Skirt & Black Floppy Hat || Forever 21
Frilly Socks || Topshop
Black Heeled Booties || Steve Madden

Folkishly Sweet

This outfit screams country, girly, and effortless. I based this outfit on the concept of layering. I first put on this infamous Jada dress from BM, then a crochet sweater, and finally the military jacket. Pair it with the booties, and you hit the gold on a cute and comfy outfit.

Floral Jada Dress || Brandy Melville
Military Green Jacket || Nordstrom
Taupe Booties || Nordstrom Rack

Annnnnd that was my first lookbook! I was so excited when I came up with this, styled everything, shot it and edited it! This is honestly one of my favorite things to do so far with this blog, and hopefully, there will be more to come in the future :) I hope you guys liked this as well, and let me know which outfit you guys liked best! Have a great rest of the week and happy blogging, loves! 
xo, Vanessa.

13 October 2014

styling for Lorde

Helloooooo beautiful people reading this blog! How are you guys doing on this lovely Sunday evening/ weekend overall? I was just doing homework (as per usual) and hanging out with my cousins who came over from Arizona. Our family is quite unusual because we see each other basically every single weekend. We call it a family reunion hahah. Anyways it's cool because there are 2 other girl cousins that are my age, and so we get each other and we're like the best of friends. I'm blessed with some pretty rad people in my life, heh.

Anyways, I wanted to rehash the most exciting thing I did this week. On Tuesday (yes, a schoolday...whaaaaat!?), I went to a Lorde concert with Magical Cloudz opening the concert for her at the Greek Theatre in LA. It didn't hurt that there was a full moon out that night and the fact that we were in the forest either... probably one of the top concerts I've ever been to. 

Magical Cloudz sounded so chill and relaxing and kind of depressing but they have a unique sound to them that I just love. And don't get me started with Lorde.... she's honestly one of my favorites and her voice is just so raw, considering she's just 17 years old... I loved the concert overall and her dance moves just made it even better hahaha. My favorite songs that she played were Ribs and A World Alone.

I'm pretty sure this was during her song "Yellow Flicker Beat"

Here's a day-to-night outfit transition that I put together on Tuesday (from school to concert):

Black Crop Top || Foreign Exchange
Gray High Waisted Shorts || American Apparel
Shoes || Converse
Sweater || Forever 21

Denim Jacket & Black Booties || Forever 21
Red Flannel || Fashion Young
Black High Waisted Pants || American Apparel

Well hope you liked this post and had an awesome weekend! It's getting closer to Halloween, which means closer to Thanksgiving, which means closer to my birthday and Christmas!! I just love the holidays hehehe, which holiday are you guys most excited about?
Anyways, happy blogging, have a great Monday, and have a great night loves! xo, Vanessa.

09 October 2014

fall outfits 2014

Hey guys! I meant to post something earlier in the week, but I was just flooded with so much school stuff, so thank god it's almost the weekend. I'm sorry but this is also going to be a quick post...

Now that fall is officially here and the leaves are falling and days are getting somewhat cooler, it's time to layer up! In my opinion, my favorite outfits ever are ones that are layered with cardigans, different textures, cute socks peeking out of your booties, and the list just goes on. 

Here are 5 ways to transition your outfits from summer to fall, while still incorporating a few pieces that you wore during the summer! 

Hope you liked this quick outfits post! How are you transitioning your items in the fall? Let me know! Would to love to hear about your guys' style. Anyways, happy blogging! xo, Vanessa.