30 October 2014

outfits & Halloween plans

Hello loves! How's your week going? Tomorrow's Friday (and Halloween), so at least we made it! What are your guys' plans for Halloween? I hope you're excited as I am! I'm going to be hanging out with my friend all night, and it's going to be so good because I don't get to see her that much. I got us animal PJ costumes, she a giraffe and me a koala, and we're just going to have the best time hahah

Today, we had our first DIY meeting for our fashion club, and we decorated mini pumpkins during the meeting. It was fun and nice because we all got along with each other and the whole thing was pretty chill and organized. So excited for more to come :')

Anyways, I wanted to post my outfits for the last two days (I actually tried with my outfits this week!! well... just for a few days though...).

Comfortable and cute is what I live for
Photo creds to my friend, Pauline.

Denim Jacket & Gray Dolphin Shorts || Forever 21
Black V-neck Button Ups || Brandy Melville
Black Booties || Cathy Jean

It's all about statement pieces

Brown Laced Sweater || Nordstrom Rack
Black High-Waisted Jeans || American Apparel
Black Halter Top || Brandy Melville
Gold Coined Statement Necklace & Black Booties || Forever 21

Hope you guys liked my outfits this week and hope you have a great rest of the week (and Halloween)! What are you guys going to be for Halloween? Anyways, please please please stay safe tomorrow, but don't forget to have fun, you hooligans :) Love you guys!
Xo, Vanessa. 

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