13 November 2014

how to: layering

Hello loves! How are you on this beautiful Thursday night? I'm really happy this week (mostly because I had a 4-day weekend and only had 3 days of school)! Today was a pretty good day! It was a bit chilly and cloudy and I thought why not write a post about layering clothing items? This is such perfect weather, you guys have no idea how much this makes me happy! 

Since I knew it was going to be really chilly in the morning and that the sun was going to peak out a little bit later in the day, I had to layer lightly... and heavily.. if that made any sense at all. (I'll explain in a bit).

Heather Gray Cardigan & Scarf || H&M
Dark Gray Cardigan || Gap
Black Dress & Shoes || Forever 21
Black High-Waisted Jeans || American Apparel 

I created this look around the dark gray cardigan, which is embellished with unique patterns and mini pom poms. It's also heavy, therefore adding a bit of warmth (it's the kind where it wouldn't be too hot/cold to wear). Behind that, I chose to wear a heather gray cardigan that weighed much lighter than the outer layer (this will be the element that adds the warmness to the outfit for those chilly mornings). Also for adding warmth and some color into my outfit, I put on a thin muted pink scarf with printed florals and skulls. When it did get warmer, I took off the heather gray cardigan and unwrapped my scarf. Behind the cardigans, I have on a black baby-doll styled dress (which I accidentally shrunk, so now it'll act as a tunic) and I'm wearing my infamous black high-waisted jeans from American Apparel. As for shoes, I'm wearing a pair of copper-colored booties. 

***With layering, you could basically just put any clothing items together that you think will look good combined, but it has to contrast each other in some slight way whether it be on matching colors/similar patterns/ different textures/etc. My favorite thing to do is pairing a thin, detailed cardigan with another (loose, but warm) cardigan. I like to leave a bit of the detailed cardigan hanging out of the looser cardigan to show off its details.

Well I hoped you liked this post! It's something new and I'm hoping to continue this series of "how to's ," so hopefully you guys do like this kind of post. I wish you guys a pleasant evening and a spectacular weekend! I might have another post up this weekend as well, so look out for that one! Love you guys and happy blogging! 
Xo, Vanessa.


  1. Love your cardigan! SO cute!! I also really like the way your styled your scarf.


  2. Love that chunky cardigan you're wearing, looks like its gonna keep you really warm :)


    1. Thanks! And yes, it really does keep me warm, hehe! x