17 November 2014


Hiyaaaaa! Firstly, sorry I said that I might have another post up during the weekend (I kind of got tired..and lazy...hehe). But I was working on something else for you! I made a tumblr as place to be able to interact with you more and answer any of your guys' questions whether it be fashion/life based or want some tips/advice/words of encouragement. 

My main reason for making this blog is to not only show what I'm all about and express myself through various posts, but also to inspire people and help people and I think that having a relationship with you and being able to talk to you is important! 

*** So go on and shoot me some questions at http://allthingsvanessa-qs.tumblr.com ***
(Link will also be in the sidebar under "Questions? Message me--")
I also realized I haven't talked about myself that much on here and you don't really know me, so I posted an introduction/ FAQ on there! 

Hope you guys had a relatively alright Monday (they're the worst in my opinion, but you gotta make the best of it, right?)! Goodnight (or Good morning, wherever you're reading this from :~)), sleep dreams, and happy blogging, loves! 
Xo, Vanessa.

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