10 November 2014

top of the world

Hellooooooo beautiful people! Missed me? I'm sorry I've been gone a pretty long time here on and Instagram (just a little over a week, but still..) and I've basically just been doing school work on top of school work. The AP life is starting to get to me, hehe. (I took an APUSH test on Friday, and I'm feeling not so great about it... but it's done and over now so no use worrying, right?)

Anyways, I'm really excited to finally update since I have some free time. This weekend we got a 4-day weekend, which was very very much needed. I've actually got some time to actually breathe! So during my weekend, I've basically been doing yoga every day and having a Walking Dead marathon with my brother. I didn't get out of the house much except for today...

TODAY, my friend Pauline invited me to go on a shoot with her and my other friend Sofia (click *here* for Sofia's blog) at "the top of the world." In my hometown, there's this hill that we all call "the top of the world" because you could literally see the whole city from up there. 

This was the view at around 5:30 pm today:

We basically just did a bit of a shoot for Pauline's photography project for school, and while we were up there we took a few shots of our outfits of the day! Here's what Pauline got of Sofia and I while we were up there:

Sweater & Flats || Forever 21
Floral Kimono & Gold-Chained Necklace || H&M
Black High-Waisted Pants || American Eagle

I hope you are all well and have enjoyed your weekend as much I did! I hope you lovely readers liked this post as well; you get more of an "inside-of-my-life" with this one because my friends are included, hehe. Anyways, happy Veterans Day and be grateful for the people who fight and defend for us on a daily basis. Thank you thank thank you veterans, and to my lovely readers, and happy blogging, loves! 
Xo, Vanessa.

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