13 December 2014

all black with a hint of grey

Hello lovely bloggers! How was your guys' week? I had a pretty tiring and stressful week... and I have to admit, it was probably one of the worst I've had in a long time. But just 1 more week to go before winter break! We can do this, haha! Some of the things I'm looking forward when break comes  around is spending time with my cousins in the mountain, sleeping, and Netflix... oh how much I miss my Netflix.. :~) My friends and I are doing Secret Santa this year (which we've never done before) and I'm really excited to give my present. I'm in the process of putting things together right now, and I think it's almost perfect heheh. So tonight I'll be doing that and some homework and then tomorrow I'm going to South Coast Plaza to do my Christmas shopping! I don't go there often so my mom, brother, and I made it a tradition that we always go there at least once a year (usually around Christmas time bc it's so pretty there!). Whenever I go to South Coast Plaza, it never fails to uplift my Christmas spirits :) Just wondering, but what are some of your guys' Christmas/holiday traditions?

Anyways this was one of my outfits last week that I never posted (oopsie!) A classmate during photography class took them for me-- 

I'm wearing my grandpa's bomber jacket over a Forever 21 gray zip-up and Brandy Melville dark gray sweater, paired it with Gap black jeans and Doc Marten boots! 

Hope you guys liked this post, and I know I don't say it enough, but thank you guys for reading my blog! It does really mean a lot that there are some people who read it and like what I post. If there's anything you want me to talk about in any of my posts, just head on over to my questions tumblr (here) and say something! Don't be shy! I would love to get feedback/suggestions. 
 Hope you have a jolly rest of the weekend and I'll talk to you guys later! Happy blogging-- 
Xo, Vanessa. 

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