22 December 2014

christmas countdown: 2 days

Hello my loves! Christmas is just around the corner! (only 2 days away...as you can tell from the title I'm so excited that I'm even counting down, hehe). I'm feeling so Christmas-y spirited this year than I did last year and oh, how I love this feeling! 

This time of year is to celebrate the birth of Jesus, if you're a Christian or a Catholic, but as I am a Vietnamese Buddhist, we still do celebrate Christmas, but with a different meaning...We celebrate it like how we would celebrate Thanksgiving, basically. It's just another event for us to spend as much time as we can with each other (& exchange gifts) and be grateful to have that kind of time. I have 2 Christmas', one celebrating it with my mom's side of the family (this year, on Christmas Eve) and then one celebrating it with my dad's side of the family (on Christmas Day).

This is my current Christmas list/wishlist-in-general that I made for this year:

What's on your guys' Christmas list? I wanna know! I hope that your weekend was swell and that your winter break (well, for those who are still in school and do have a winter break) is going to be the best yet :~) I'll keep making posts counting down to Christmas day. Anyways, happy blogging! 
Xo, Vanessa.

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