30 December 2014

DIY crystal chain hand piece & NYE outfit inspo

Happy New Years Eve eve, lovely readers! I can honestly say 2014 has gone by really fast... is it just me  or does it seem that as the years pass by, each feel faster than the one before? Anyways, whether you're out partying with your friends and family (safely, I hope) or staying in and watching movies (like me), I think it's safe to say you still want to look all glam for this eventful evening! Tune in to the end of the post for NYE outfit inspo and what you can wear these beautiful & easy-to-make hand pieces with!

A couple of months ago, I made a DIY on a chain hand piece like the one I'm about to show you how to make. I would always see very cute & boho ones in stores and online, but they would all be very expensive! So with things like this, I like to make them myself to save some mula $$$

(In advance, sorry I can't say the specific measurements of the length of chain required for each step of instructions... I need to actually measure them, but I have no idea where they are right now. Good thing I took pictures before I misplaced them. If and when they turn around somewhere, I'll edit this post and put in the measurements!)

1- Measure the length of chain needed for your middle finger. Make sure it's a little loose so that it's comfortable for you. With the pliers, connect the chain for your mid finger with a jump ring. Also, add a bit of chain to the jump ring (like pictured above) in order to connect that to the crystal piece you'll be making next.

 2- Cut a piece of the silver copper wire and with the round nose pliers, bend the wire into a little circle at the end (like pictured above).

3- Add crystals on to piece of wire. Leave a bit of room to repeat step 2 in order to secure the crystals.

4- Connect the bit of chain (put together in step 1) to the rings made in step 2. At the other end, connect the ring to more bit of chain. (Connect enough chain so that the hand piece will be loose when worn. See other pics below to see what I mean).

5- Put the crystal portion of the hand piece aside. This new part of the hand piece will be the part that goes around your wrist. Start by measuring a length of chain, loose enough to go around your wrist for comfortability. Connect jump rings to both ends of the chain. On one of the jump rings, add a clasp. (You should now just have a long piece of chain with jumps rings and a clasp). Fold that piece of chain in half and even the ends out. Add a jump ring to the middle of the chain.

6- You should now have 2 separate pieces of the hand piece. Connect the 2 pieces with the jump ring of the last piece you just put together.

Like I mentioned before, if and when I found my hand pieces, I'll add in the measurements for easier instructions, hehe.

Also, if you need clarification on a specific step, message me (here)! I'll try my best to help you understand them better :)

These 4 different outfits are designed to appeal to everyone's different stylish taste... fit for any NYE party you'll be attending, or you can take these for inspo for any other occasion! With an event like this, clutches are a must... you don't want to be carrying anything heavy when you're out partying and having fun! Also, in this cold weather, long/mid coats are ideal, very chic, and keep you fairly toasty! Your new crystal hand piece that you just made will add that bit of glam to your outfit and you'll be looking the best at the party. Guaranteed :~) !

I hope you guys liked this DIY/outfit inspo (and last post of 2014!!) and will be looking glamorous & cute wherever you wear these to. Have a fun & safe evening tomorrow you guys! (I can't stress the 'safe' part enough.. Please be safe whatever you're doing!) Happy blogging and I'll talk to you guys next year ;)
Xo, Vanessa.