08 December 2014

how to: build your own sanctuary of a bedroom

I believe that you should always have a place that you, without a doubt, can feel the most comfortable. When you can feel like yourself the most, whether it be at Disneyland, at the beach, or even on the field playing soccer. That place is a place where you can let all your worries and stress go... a place where you can do whatever you want to do, be who you want to be... a place you can call  it your own sanctuary. For me, my bedroom is my sanctuary. It's a place that beholds all my belongings and my passion for life. And for those of who you think of this as well, but want an idea on how to make it more of a sanctuary for you/how to decorate your bedroom, then keep reading. 

If you want to make your room a sanctuary or have a specific way you want it to look like, it should reflect on your personality. For me, I am all over the whole comfortable, coziness, and sentimentalist ordeal. And so, this is how I made my room to reflect my personality, and hopefully these will help give you ideas on what to do with your bedroom!

My favorite thing in the world is to be surrounded by blankets upon blankets with pillows upon pillows (& pillow pets). It's when I feel the most comfy and cozy! I also have a comforter that's from Ikea that is oh-so-warm!

My walls are adorned with my polaroid pictures, necklaces, paintings, and posters of some sorts. If I were to add more things to my wall, it would probably be the things I have pictured above. Vinyl covers, more art pieces, wall hangings, and tapestries from Urban Outfitters.

My 2nd most favorite thing in the world is being able to spend a quiet night with music playing in the background while candles are burning. My favorites right now are the candles I bought from Anthropologie (mentioned in this post). I'm also beyond in love with being connected with nature, so I like to have a few plants in my room.

And of course, on a typical weekend (which is when I, on the most part, have my free time), you'll usually see me in some kind of outfit like the one above and basically be doing the same things as I also have pictured above.

I hope you guys liked this post and thought it was helpful/inspirational! I'd love to know, what do you consider to be your own sanctuary? Hope you guys have a great rest of the day, and happy blogging! Xo, Vanessa. 

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