30 December 2014

Meet Nina

Happy New Year lovelies! I hope you all had a safe & splendid evening with your friends and family :~) May 2015 give you great health, happiness,  success, and love. I'm really excited to continue this blogging journey with you all into the new year (and hopefully more to come). As it is a new year, I'd also like to start something new-- a new series under the tag 'People,' called Meet:____ (place given name in space)! I'll be interviewing people who I think are passionate, fascinating, driven, creative, noteworthy, and has a story to tell. I think that such people in the world are not appreciated/celebrated enough, and hopefully, by starting this series, I could help bring these people to light and in front of your eyes (even if it's only helping just a little bit, that's enough for me)!

I'd like to start this series with my cousin, Nina. She's so very talented and have overcome a great amount of hardships in her life, but she is also determined not to let those hardships get in the way of her goals. Meet Nina.

How has your hometown shaped you into the person you are today?
Honestly, the people from my hometown (in Arizona) who I surround myself with have helped me embrace my sexuality for what it is and submerge myself in, as my mother likes to call it, “hippie culture”, or “tree-hugging, pot smoking lesbians.” Earlier this year I discovered that I was pansexual, which means that I am sexually and romantically attracted to all gender identities, and luckily for me, my friends accepted me for it because of how sexually diverse they are themselves. As for the “hippie culture” part, well I mean, my mom isn’t completely wrong. I fully embrace being called a tree hugger if it means that I actively participate with not only my peers, but with my teachers and other adults in my life, in important discussions regarding animal rights, the importance of feminism, and the unjust police system’s treatment towards African Americans.

What are your hobbies / are you most passionate about?
I really like to sing and make music with lovely people. Music is such an important part of my life and I’m so glad to be blessed with my voice. 

What is your preference of music and who inspires you the most? 
I like all styles of music, except for country and heavy death metal, but I mostly prefer indie and rap. Someone who really inspires me is Björk. Björk is such an inspiration to me because how raw she can get her emotions can be in some of her songs, while still being so light hearted in her attitude and personality. She embraces all walks of life and I aspire to be as carefree as her while still sending a powerful message.

What do you think makes you different from everyone else?
Being an artsy fartsy theatre kid and a person of music, I would definitely say that my ability to create art separates me from most people. No, that does not mean that I’m that one lonely goth kid that sits at her own lunch table and reads Edgar Allen Poe and Sylvia Plath, but it does mean that I am more confident in myself when performing for large crowds.

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

It’s a tie between performing Girl on Fire by Alicia Keys for a large crowd a capella when my music didn’t work, or when I was finally able to sing the entire Love on Top by Beyoncé without any effort.

How do you think your personality reflects your personal style?
I honestly just wear what I think is cute. I guess people would describe it as gothic grunge? 
What's most important in your life?
The most important thing to me would be music because it helps keep me going. Honestly, it has helped me through all the fucked up shit I had to go through this year, and it inspires me to become more motivated to work towards becoming an artist.

What's the best piece of advice that's ever been given to you?

Don’t try to please everyone. Its honestly not worth your time and it only allows people to walk all over you more.

Is there anything that you've learned about yourself since starting to sing and dance?
By being a theatre person and by taking dance this year, I became more confident in auditioning for things like musicals/musical programs. With the help of my voice and mediocre dancing abilities, I was able to land a spot in my school musical and was also accepted in a week long program in New York where you get to train with Broadway professionals in musical theatre. Sadly, I had to decline this incredible opportunity due to lack of having enough money to go, but hopefully next year when I audition again, I will get accepted and finally get to do the program!

If you have any, what's on your list of New Year's resolutions?
Drink more water, take better care of myself/my skin, take more baths, love myself more, try to patch things up with the friends that I lost this year, stop trying to please everyone, and to take better care of myself.

Outfit details: Forever21 floral top, H&M letterman jacket, Target green joggers, Steve Madden sandals

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