31 March 2015

Richard Avedon

HelloOo lovely bloggers! I had a photography project which was to emulate an influential photographer and their style, so I chose to do the notorious fashion photographer, Richard Avedon. I just thought I would share my pictures on here bc I'm pretty darn proud of them and thought you would like them too! Let me know what you think in the comments!

Models involved were my friends: Ryann, Alexys, Pauline, & Aimee
Style: modern 60's

27 March 2015

festival season 2015

Hello lovelies! How has your week been?? TGIF, am I right ladies (& gentlemen)?! Stress has taken over, once again, as we are coming near to spring break and the teachers are overly happy about springing tests upon tests on us students. But as I am currently listening and blogging to Champagne Coast by Blood Orange, I'm just distracting myself from studying and lusting over the festival season that is coming oh-so-near.

This post is merely just a style inspiration for those of you who are lucky enough to attend the big festivals such as Coachella in California or Wireless in England.
(Stick to the end for festival must-haves!)

-backpack/fanny pack to keep your hands free
-hat of any kind
-of course, sunscreen!
-tons and tons of water (must stay hydrated in that kind of heat!!)
-evian facial spray (refreshes & revitalizes your face...very cool to the skin during the hot days)
-watch to catch your must-see bands
-camera to document all your memories spent with loved ones
-portable phone charger
-dry shampoo (because you must likely won't be showering)
-sea salt spray to get those effortless waves (& to hide the fact that you didn't shower)
-facial cleansing wipes for those nights/early mornings after full day of dancing your butt off (can't stress enough how important it is that you don't sleep with full face of makeup & sweat!!)
-notebook for any kinds of documentation
-lotion & lip balm for those dry & hot conditions

Hope you found this helpful for the festival season coming or for just general outfit inspiration! If you like these kinds of post or want some more outfit inspiration, you can check out more on my Polyvore [click here]. For those of you who are like me and have more than enough tests to study for before spring break, I hope you kick some booty, hehe!! Have a lovely weekend and I shall talk to you next time--
Happy blogging. Xo, Vanessa.

15 March 2015

life & words of wisdom

Hello lovely bloggers! How are you doing on this fine SPRING morning? I thought I would just give you an update on my life :)

I've been so caught up with schoolwork and tests. I just took my SAT yesterday morning, and hopefully that'll be the last time I'll ever have to deal with it, hehe. Sometimes I think that I work too hard and that I'm losing sight about whats more important than school like family and taking time for myself. I really want to try to change that just a little bit so that I can be feel good and be healthier! I don't even have the time to exercise anymore and I feel so ...lumpy. Hahaha! I used to exercise everyday last year (idk how I did it, but I did). Literally all I do now is study, eat, study, and sleep )as much as possible because I usually don't get enough the night before). 

But hopefully it'll all change once I'm a senior. I'm so excited for senior year and the whole applying-to-college process. I've decided I wanted to apply to an art school for college. I'm looking ainto a couple of schools already, but specifically, I'm looking into the Academy of Arts University in San Francisco right now! I'll be touring the campus during my spring break, so surely there will be pictures and updates on that :~) AhhH! I can literally just scream with excitement. This is the first time in a long time that I really know what I want to do, guys. 

My advice to you: If you really don't know what you want to do/be in the future, relax! It'll come to you eventually. Try new things to help you figure it out. Talk to people. Research. It'll take some time, but you will just explode with excitement when you do figure it out (like how I am right now, hehe). Don't let people tell you that your dreams are stupid and that you'll never be able to do it. Don't worry about them; only worry about yourself and prove to yourself that you can do it and that you are worthy of anything. Don't make it your goal to prove to people that they were wrong (you can, but don't beat it into your head to do that) because this is about you and not them. You are worthy. You are worthy. You are worthy. 

And if no one will support, just know that I do! Even if I don't know you, I support you all the way! But if you guys need anyone to talk to or if you need help or if you have questions, just pop it in [my messages]! I would love to to talk to you/get to know you guys :~)

That'll be all for this post, loves. I hope you find these kinds of posts fun/nice to read. I want to talk more about my life and give advices to you guys. (I don't know what advices you guys want though, so maybe you can give me some suggestions!). Check out my long-awaited NYFW FW15 street style post [here]! 

Happy blogging & I love you all! Xo, Vanessa.


 Here is the long-awaited NYFW FW15 street style post! Read my life update [here] & some words of wisdom for you guys!

Anyways, here is a series of pictures of my favorite street style this fashion week/month I gathered from Vogue and Harper's Bazaar:

I especially love all the creative and stylish ways that these girls are sporting, especially to keep themselves warm during this time of month in New York. Whether it is to catch people's attention by donning bright colors, different textures and patterns, fringes, and fur, these girls know what's up at NYFW. 

Hope you loved all the brilliant designs/styles this fashion week/month as much as I did! 
Happy Blogging!Xo, Vanessa.