09 April 2015

TPD: San Francisco

--April 4, 2015--
My cousins, Cecilia and Korin

Hotel Triton on Grant & Sutter


Union Square buildings 

--April 5, 2015--
Fisherman's Wharf/ Pier 39

The Exploratorium/Pier 15

Haight St.

Grant Ave.
--April 6, 2015--
City Hall

Academy of Art University 

@ a cute, little restaurant near Montgomery St. and Mission St.

Golden Gate Bridge

--April 7, 2015--


New series--travel photo diary! I'll be documenting all my travels here. Hope you caught a glimpse of its loveliness through the pictures I took (although they don't truly give the city any justice at all). I honestly loved it there: the people were so nice/friendly/helpful, the buildings are oh-so lovely, and the vibe there was just great (really considering living there!!). I learned how to use the public transportation system and the street names...basically I learned how to be a local, haha! Highly recommend you take a trip to San Francisco at any given chance :~) There will be an outfits post on what I wore during the trip coming soon! Happy blogging!
Xo, Vanessa.