31 May 2015

white angel

Hello lovelies! I hope you all had a fantastic weekend filled with love and fun, hehe. I have an outfit for you today (of which I've worn a couple of months ago, but have only just edited it now). 

With this outfit, I played with the neutral tones of clothing pieces that'll revolve and compliment my white tennis skirt I got from American Apparel
My gray high-necked sweater and necklace is from H&M, the beige cardigan from Brandy Melville, white shoes from Forever 21, and brown leathered watch from Daniel Wellington

This outfit is very flowy and plays the innocent card in which it could be worn on dressier occasions such as a cute date to a museum or just lunch out with your girlfriends. 

Hope you liked this outfit and it gave you inspiration to recreate something like it! If you did recreate this outfit, or any other outfit or DIY for that matter, please take a picture and post it on Instagram, tagging my IG (@vle___)!! I would love to see them :~) Have a great week, loves and to those of you who are already on summer vacation, do something spontaneous and live it up!
Xo, Vanessa.

24 May 2015

TPD Fits: San Francisco

Hello lovely bloggers! How are you on this lovely Sunday morning? I am doing perfectly right now!! I am finally done with all my testing and I only have 3 more weeks left of school :~) I still have 2 more finals, but they should be easy-shmeezy, hehe. I can finally relax and be my old, happy self.

Anyways, I said there would be an outfits post from my trip to San Francisco... almost 2 months ago (oops!) But finally, here it is!! San Francisco was still a bit chilly (maybe in the 60s to low 70s) in April... well, chilly to me considering I live in South California! For this trip, I knew that layering tons would only do me good. Hope you like them and I hope it gives you inspiration for outfits to wear during the cold weather!

--April 4, 2015--

This day was when we flew in to San Francisco, so I wanted to dress comfy for the plane and for the day ahead of us. Our source of transportation were the public transportations (the cable cars, streetcars, and Muni buses) and our feet! This day, we mostly walked around Union Square and got a feel of what streets were what.

Polka-dotted Button Down Blouse || Forever 21
Dark Gray & Black Varsity Sweater || my brother's 
Light-washed ripped boyfriend jeans || Brandy Melville
Black Chuck Taylor High Tops || Converse

--April 5, 2015--

Today, we mostly spent our time at the piers (more specifically, Pier 39 & Pier 15 for the Fisherman's Wharf and the Exploratorium, respectively). Btw, if you've never been to San Francisco, I highly suggest that you visit the Fisherman's Wharf. It's simply a must. They have these 2 food places, Trish's Mini Donuts and Chowders, that have the best food, in my opinion! This day was mostly drizzling with a little rain, so I wore heavier clothes that I knew would keep me warm! 

Light Gray Sweater || H&M
Long Gray Coat || Forever 21
Black Leather Backpack || Forever 21
Statement Necklace || Forever 21
High-Waisted Black Denim Jeans || American Apparel

--April 6, 2015--

And for this day, I was to meet up with a representative from the Academy of Arts University & I wanted to dress to impress! It wasn't too cold that day, but there were chilly winds. Thankfully, the extra layers from the heavy cardigan, scarf, and tights helped me! 

Black Collared Dress || Forever 21
Blue Navy Scarf || Foreign Exchange
Blue Printed Kimono || Urban Outfitters
Gray Cardigan || Gap Kids
Black Booties || Nordstrom Rack
Brown Watch || Daniel Wellington

--April 7, 2015-- 
I didn't take any pictures of my outfits this day bc I bummed it out really hard... But I wanted to mention the last place I visited before leaving to go to the airport-- the Ferry Building Marketplace! It's the best place to lose your thoughts and time. It inside looks like a long line of a train station, but with shops along the whole building. It's just magical and the shops inside were so cute and ranged from being a mini market to a bakery to a dine-in restaurant. If you have the time, I also recommend to spend time here!! 

I hope you liked this mash-up post of outfits and a little recap of what I did in San Francisco! A thing I learned from this trip is that if you want to have a splendid time and really get to know a new place, just go by feet... that's honestly the best thing to do and I'm glad I did so. Hope you had a wonderful weekend + Memorial Day! Remember it's not just a day off from school, but a day to remember those who fought for us!

Photos taken by my cousins, Cecilia and Korin
Xo, Vanessa.