13 July 2015

turquoise dream

Turquoise maxi skirt, white ribbed crop top, and statement necklace from Forever 21;
White sandals from Steve Madden;

Hello loves! I hope the month of July has been good to you so far! I just wanted to post a quick outfit of the day! For this outfit, I played it off on a cool pastel color palette with the turquoise maxi skirt and the hint of turquoise in the statement necklace. Adding a statement necklace would be the glue to putting your whole outfit together; it makes it that much more interesting. On a sunny & breezy summer day, this outfit would be perfect because of the flowiness of the skirt will help keep you cool. This outfit definitely functions as being cool, comfortable, and cute! Hope you guys liked this outfit and sought inspiration from it!

I went to BeautyCon over the weekend and I just wanted to tell you to look out for that post and my experience about it sometime this week! Have a lovely rest of the day and I shall talk to you soon! 
Happy Blogging. Xo, Vanessa.

03 July 2015

june favorites

Hello loves! I hope you're all having a lovely Friday, and for us Americans, having fun getting ready to celebrate Independence Day tomorrow :~). It has been a long time since I've done a favorites post, so I decided to do one for June! If you guys are interested in any of my favorites, I'll have the links of the items linked to their names, so you could check them out (although for some of them, I can't find links to, so sorry about that...)! Let us begin~

/fashion favorites/
I'm obsessed with this shoes because they are both very versatile and comfortable! I'm all about comfort when it comes to putting outfits together, so these served that purpose very well. They go with every outfit and are just so easy to slip on and get out of the house! I've been wearing this nonstop with Vans ballet socks.

Free People Tunic & BCBG High-Heeled Sandals
This has been my favorite outfit that I put together this month. (I have to admit, I actually wore this outfit twice... that's how much I love it. Proud to be an "outfit repeater," as the animated Lizzie McGuire would call it!). You can't tell, but because the tunic is a bit short in the front, I had to pair it with a pair of shorts that were the same color as the tank top I was wearing. With this outfit, I added a bit more pizazz by wearing my Forever 21 statement necklace, a few rings on both hands, and my Daniel Wellington watch. (p.s. these lovely photos of this outfit were taken by my friend, Pauline!)

Grandma's Rings
I love rings and I have been wearing rings nonstop recently, but I've always hated how the cheaper ones always made my fingers turn green. My grandma is a jeweler (I had to Google what a person who does jewelry is called... I thought it was jewelerist...oops!) and so I got to steal a few of her prized possessions! So, thank you grams!

/beauty favorite/
If I were to only have one beauty product with me for the rest of my life, I'd say it would absolutely have to be a brow pencil. This month, I discovered what a true beauty Anastasia's Brow Wiz really is. I've always hear other bloggers and Youtubers rave about it, and so I finally decided I should try it out...and boy am I glad I did!! I am in love with it and it's so convenient because on one side, it has the pencil part of it, and on the other side is a little spool to comb your brow hair through! It glides on your skin very smoothly as well. I am absolutely sure that I'm not going to let this get out of my hands for a really long time...

/favorite tv show/
The Fosters
Funny story, I actually started watching this on Netflix (thank god for Netflix) towards the end of May, which was also the same time as preparing for my AP tests. Literally, my routine at the time was to wake up, go to school, nap, watch The Fosters, study, study, study, sleep, and repeat. I couldn't keep my eyes off the screen! I finished the first 2 seasons in probably 1 week... I highly recommend this show to anyone who hasn't watched it! I'm pretty sure they just started to release season 3 as well!!

/music favorites/
I have been playing this song over and over again repeatedly the past month! Their whole new album, Beneath the Skin, is overall perfection, but the song Crystal just jumps out to me the most. It's so catchy and I could always find myself hum or sing to it whenever it comes on in my Spotify. Definitely go and check it out!!

I have also been loving Old Pine lately. It posses such a unique beat to it and I could always find myself feeling calm and relaxed when listening to it. I also love Ben Howard's other song, The Fear, off of his album Every Kingdom. 

And of course, I have to mention James Bay because, honestly, his whole album is just flawless. I love every single song off of it, so I couldn't really pick a favorite. Some of the songs gets me into a peppy mood and I get all jumpy and energetic from it and it's just great, while some makes me feel very very calm. Simply put, it makes me bipolar... hahaha!

/favorite blogger/
I've only recently discovered her (like 3 or 4 days ago), but she instantly caught my eye and is now my favorite blogger right now. Her style is impeccable, her pictures are dreamy, and her posts are oh-so-detailed. I highly recommend you go check her blog out and her instagram (click here for her ig)!! 

That was it for my June favorites and I hope you all enjoyed this post very much! I want to know, what's your guys' June favorite(s)? Ooh! Also, I am happy to announce that I'll be attending BeautyCon in LA on July 11th, so hopefully, I get to meet some of you there! I hope you're all having a rad summer break right now and I shall talk to you soon! 
Xo, Vanessa.