23 August 2015

back-to-school outfits inspo 2015

Hello to you beautiful people! How have you all been since that last time I've talked to you? I've just come back from New York, and you best believe I took more than enough pictures of my trip there. Stay tuned for a travel photo diary and my NYC outfits!! 

As for the topic today, I know that a lot of your schools have already started or about to start in a week or so. And let's be real here, we all did some real back-to-school shopping. I am here today to help give you some inspiration on how to pair all your lovely purchases for the perfect school outfits! These outfits all range from girly to casual to comfortable to sporty, so bear with me here! And especially since we are finally transitioning into the fall weather (!!!), these outfits will introduce some layering to stay warm and cozy during your school days in. Now, lets get into it!

Sporty n' Practical

This outfit is for those days when you don't know what to wear, but you need to grab something quick, cute, and comfortable. The sporty element is added by the New Balance sneakers, Lacoste baseball cap, and the baseball tee. (Recently, baseball caps have become one of my favorites for when my hair is looking a little bit flat and dull). Throw on a light cardigan, and you're ready for the day ahead! 

A Bit of Grunge

There are days when I put an outfit together and they just happen to don all the aspects of a dark color palette. With that said, this outfit would probably fall under that category. Although the backpack, denim dress, hat, and shoes are all of the black variety, the grey in the turtleneck sweater allows a bit of a contrast and lets your outfit breathe a little from all that blackness, you know what I mean?? 

Double Denim

Whoever said wearing denim throughout your outfit is a double negative is totally wrong! To pull off a whole denim outfit, wear different tones of denim in your pieces, such as a light wash denim for the jacket and a dark wash denim for the bottoms (American Apparel has a variety of denim washes for types of clothing pieces). And to break up all of the blue tones, wear neutral accessories such as the white slip-ons and white backpack. Walk through those darn school hallways in this outfit and everyone would kill to be as cool as you :~).

Casual n' Comfortable 

If you know me in the non-virtual world, you would probably know that this is my go-to outfit. Boyfriend jeans, sneakers, and some kind of cozy top is my absolute favorite combo! I'm the type of person who doesn't like to take too long to get ready for school (because I'd rather sleep in), but these are pieces that you can just put on and go and still look cute! Dress it up with accessories such as a Daniel Wellington watch and layered necklaces and you look like you tried! That's my secret for the day... you're welcome! You can get boyfriend jeans anywhere now such as Brandy Melville, Forever 21, and Urban Outfitters. I have a similar top such as the one pictured and I got that one from Forever 21.

Effortlessly Girly
This outfit is for those warm weathers during the fall. The girly elements in this outfit are implemented by the different warm colors in the peasant top and the bralette itself (whenever I wear cute lingerie such as lacy bralettes, I always feel that much girlier. It's a confidence booster, really). Peasant tops have also been one of my favorites during the warm weather because of the flowiness and breeziness that allows for me to cool down. Slip on a pair of Birkenstocks, and you'll look like a cute (modern day) hippie.

Annnnd that's a wrap! I hope you guys liked this outfits inspiration post! Comment below which outfit you liked best. I might or I might not be doing another "back-to-school" post (I haven't decided yet), but if I don't post one, be sure to look forward to the New York TPD! To whoever still has a little piece of summer left to enjoy and to whoever already started school, make the rest of your summer/the school year the best! Happy blogging, lovelies!
Xo, Vanessa.

p.s. Have you seen my last travel photo diary? Click [here], if you haven't! I'm sure you'll like it :')