05 August 2015

what's in my travel bag (road trip edition)

Hello lovelies! Long time no talk (3 weeks... oops!) How are you guys?? I've been spending lots of time with my friends before they go off to college and I'm just trying to make the most of my summer! (Which is kind of impossible because I still have summer homework for my AP classes and I'm still preparing for the SAT... I try to make it the best I can).

Anyways, what happened since the last time I've blogged was that my family and I went on a river trip to the Colorado River! It's a river that borders Nevada and Arizona. We stayed in a beautiful house, and I'm not kidding you, the backyard is the river. The weather was extremely hot (going into 110s°F), but the river was really nice and cool. I'll put pictures of that trip up soon!

Now getting into this post, I thought it would be nice to show you guys what I carry in my travel bag! Everything ranges from essentials to entertainment for the long road trip ahead.

In my bag (just a backpack from Kohl's, nothing really special), I have:
-Michael Kors wallet
-hairbands & hairclips
-Fujifilm Instax Mini 25
-Bath & Body Works hand sanitizer
-earphones & phone
-sketchbook & reading book (currently reading Kite Runner for my AP Lang class! Really good so far, highly recommend!)
-baseball cap
-light Brandy Melville cardigan

All of these necessities helped me get through 5 hours of sitting on my booty in the car! I hope this helped you guys or gave you inspiration as to what to put in your travel bag! I'll be posting a couple more travel posts soon. I'll also be flying to New York next week, so I will definitely be taking pictures of the places I visit, the restaurants I eat at, and of course, my outfits of the whole week I'm in the Big Apple! I hope you all have a lovely day--
Happy blogging! :~) 
Xo, Vanessa.