14 November 2015

TPD Fits: New York

Hello lovely bloggers! How is your November treating you so far? Mine is kind of kicking me in the butt. I'm in the midst of the wretched college apps process. So many personal statements to put together, so many decisions to make all at once. Take it from me, if I learned anything from this, don't Don't DON'T procrastinate (especially if you have other activities and schoolwork to do).

Anyways, while this whole process is slowly dying down, I've actually had a little bit more time to edit some blog posts AND this was one of them. The infamous TPD outfit of the week from my New York trip back in August. Sorry it took this long to actually get it out. My next blog post to edit is the actual Travel Photo Diary. I love you all, and I'm thankful for how patient you've been with me. Without further ado, TPD Fits: New York edition!

--August 11, 2015--

Light brown split-tee, statement necklace from Forever 21;
Long black mesh cardigan, white & blue pinstripe high-waisted shorts from American Apparel;
White perforated leather slip-On Sneaker from Vans;
Backpack in the color "Fog" from Fjallraven Kanken;

--August 13, 2015--

Blue navy shift dress from Fashion Young;
Statement necklace from Forever 21;
Black heeled sandals from Cathy Jean;
Brown leather shoulder bag from Coach;

--August 14, 2015--

White patterned blouse from Forever 21;
Cream bralette from Urban Outfitters;
White perforated leather slip-On Sneaker from Vans;
Black shoulder bag from Nordstrom;
Watch from Daniel Wellington & Headband from American Apparel;

--August 15, 2015--

Cream ribbed crop top from Forever 21;
Maxi skirt from American Apparel;
White perforated leather slip-On Sneaker from Vans;
Backpack in the color "Fog" from Fjallraven Kanken;

--August 16, 2015--

White tank crop top from Hollister;
Mustard high-waisted shorts, sunglasses from H&M;
White perforated leather slip-on sneaker from Vans;
Backpack in the color "Fog" from Fjallraven Kanken;
Watch from Daniel Wellington;

Overall, New York during the summer (August) was very very VERY humid. It rained on one of the days I was there, but it was humid rain. The weather didn't really appeal to me, but everything else did. To beat the heat, I mostly wore shorts, dresses, and mainly anything that was flowy. I did a lot of walking so the Vans that I wore throughout the whole trip helped me avoid the soreness in my feet. 

I hope you guys liked this post and took a thing or two from this outfit post. Two outfits are missing because I mostly bummed it those 2 days :). Anyways, stay tuned for the long-awaited TPD of New York! (Keep in mind, I'm still doing college apps and working on a ton of other projects so the TPD might take a little longer to edit as well. Sorry for the long wait! It'll all be over soon.) Happy blogging!

Photos taken by the one and only, my mother.
Xo, Vanessa.