22 December 2015

DIY String Art Wall Decor

Hello, lovely people! I am here with you today with a DIY! It's something that can be done (very) last minute for a Christmas present or for just a wall decoration you would want to hang on your wall. It gives off a rustic yet elegant look to your room. The DIY itself is super easy and can just really allow you to blow off some steam because it does take some time (half a day tops)! 

Without further ado, let's get started! Here are the things that you will need:

Optional: If you want to do the same exact string art as what I showed here, you'll need two large flower heads to act as the deer head.

1. Cut out a template of a picture you want to "stringed." In this case, I printed out an antler template. 

Optional: If you're following my guide with the antlers, place the template wherever and however you want it on your wood piece. Hot glue on the flower heads at the end of the wood piece.

After you cut out the template, hammer nails around the picture into your wood slice (I got my wood slice from Michael's!). There's no specific amount of nails you need; it's really just your preference of how much space you give when you hammer the nails in.

2. I used 2 different colors of strings just for thickness, but you can just use one color. Tie the end of the string at the end of one of the nails. Don't cut the string because you won't know how much you'll be needing.

3. Create a zig-zag pattern between the nails. There's no real pattern or routine, as long as you make sure the space between the nails is filled up to create the image. 

4. Go back and make sure that there's no space between the nails left on the outside. Remember, you're trying to fill the space as much as possible. 

5. Once you think you have finished filling in the spaces between the nails, work you way back to the end of your nails where you first started and tie off your finished piece. If you missed a space, you can just tie a piece of a string near the area you missed and work your into the missing space to fill it up!

6. Lastly, nail this hook into the back of your finished product. 

And there you have it, a very elegant and rustic wall decor made with love and patience. If you have any questions at all about this DIY or need help with it at all, please feel free to contact me!

I hope you guys liked this DIY! If you do decide to create one, make sure you post a picture of it on Instagram and tag me in it! (My IG is @allthingsvanessa. Follow me!) I would love to see what you came up with. Happy blogging and have a happy holidays, my loves! I will talk to you next time!
Xo, Vanessa.