29 March 2016

springing into the new season

Yellow floral romper from Urban Outfitters;
Jean jacket & statement necklace from Forever 21;
Black booties from Dolce Vita;

23 March 2016

This too shall pass.

Shot by friend, Gavin.

Whenever you reach a bump in the road, take some time for yourself. Do the things that you love for it will help you reconnect back to the world. Drink some tea, take a long bath. Do it for yourself and not for anybody else. Be with the people who love and support you because no matter what you decide to do, they'll always be behind your decision. Just know, this too shall pass.

If you didn't see my Instagram post [here] from 3 days ago, that's where the little "inspirational" advice came from. The story behind it is that I found out I got rejected to my 2 top universities I wanted to attend to for college. Not going to lie, I cried for 3 days straight. I felt like I was lost. I mean, I worked so hard throughout my whole high school career only to be rejected to my top schools. You know? I'm sure you've had that kind of feeling before.

I tried really hard throughout the past few days to stay positive, to tell myself that I just have to take a different path to get to where I want to be in the future. And I realized that this depressing feeling that I've stored inside me, just because of these rejection letters, are keeping me from realizing that it's not the end of the world. IT REALLY ISN'T. Everyone reaches these kinds of "bumps" in their lives, but it's that strong drive and will inside of them that helps them come out of the battle victorious. 

After this little episode I had, I stopped all the worrying/stressing and took care of myself. I took some time to recollect and not let this kind of experience interfere with my daily life. I binge-watched some movies I wanted to watch for a while, I hung out with my brother (which always puts me in a good mood. I love him. He's my best friend. I die laughing whenever I'm with him.),  and I did a photo shoot with my friend, Sarah. Anything that would help me keep my mind busy, I did it. And it's safe to say that it worked. 

Just because I got rejected by these schools doesn't mean I'm not worthy enough. It just means that I have an opportunity to strive at other places. 

And through out this all, I would just like to say that I have literally the best supporters, friends and family. Without them, I wouldn't know where I would be (as cliché as that sounds). I really don't. They're the ones that help keep me striving for better/more. Surround yourselves with that kind of people-- the people who will be there for you no matter what, but will tell you things like it is. Be real with you. They'll keep pushing you and pushing you and won't let you settle for less. You'll get farther in life that way. 

Anyways, I just wanted to rant a little bit and update you with what's going on in my life. I don't really do this often, but when I do... like wow (hahaha).What you should get out of this: this too shall pass. Bad times are only temporary. Soon you'll find genuine happiness again. Also, many don't take into account that people are going through different things in life, some more difficult than others. Just don't be a prick about it. Have some compassion. 

This post is something different-- a lot more talkative than most. I hope you liked my advices and see my experience of a "bump in the road" as something relatable. Just know, you're not alone! If you need someone to talk to, my arms will always be open to you! Just drop by [here] and I will try to answer ASAP! I love you guys, and I hope you have a wonderful rest of the week. Happy blogging. Xo, Vanessa.

19 March 2016

How To: Day to Night outfit

Hello, lovely people! I hope you're all enjoying your Saturday so far! I've come to you with a "How To" post (which I haven't done in such a long time). How to go from a day outfit to a night outfit. When you have a full day planned and you don't have enough time to change into a totally different outfit, you just need to make-do and utilize the things you may have handy! A simple switch-a-roo with a few accessories, and you're set for your night plans. 
And without further ado, here is your How To: Day to Night oufit!


Grey top from Target;
Black Cardigan from Brandy Melville;
High-waisted denim jeans from Topshop;
White slip-ons from Vans;
Watch from Daniel Wellington;
Black backpack from Forever 21;

I think what really characterizes this as a "day" outfit are the accessorizing details and clothing pieces: the sunglasses, the scarf, the hat, the cardigan, and the shoes. If it is a bit windy, the cardigan will keep you warm enough (but will also be light enough for you to carry around in your backpack when you don't need it). While the hat will keep the sun rays out of my sight and block the sun from burning my skin, my Vans slip-ons are perfect for those heavily planned days filled with activities (and walking)! Finish off your outfit with a light shade of matte lipstick. I'm wearing the Elf Matte Lip Color in Praline.

Shot by friend, Caleb.
Grey top from Target;
Black trench coat, statement necklace, black backpack from Forever 21;
High-waisted denim jeans from Topshop;
Black shoes from Zara;
Watch from Daniel Wellington;

A few changes such as switching out the slip-ons for a pair of dressier shoes, switching the scarf for a statement necklace, and switching the comfortably cardigan to a sleek trench coat will automatically change your outfit from day to night. This outfit is perfect for those dinner dates with the girlfriends or even a movie date with the beau. Also, applying a darker shade of lipstick will help transform your outfit. For this outfit, I'm wearing Make Up For Ever Rouge Artist Natural in N9 Copper Pink. 

I hope you guys liked this "How To" post! Let me know if you want to see any other "How To's!" I love making these kind of posts, so I have others planned as well. I hope you all have the best rest of the weekend, and I shall talk to you soon! Happy blogging!
Xo, Vanessa.

16 March 2016

retro babe

(+ a little update in the life of V)
Shot by friend, Pauline.
White top from Brandy Melville;
Pastel pink skirt & jean jacket from Forever 21;
White slip-ons from Vans;
Watch from Daniel Wellington;

Hello lovelies! I hope you're all having a nice Wednesday! Just 2 more days until the weekend. We can do it! It seems to have become a mantra I've become accustomed to saying to myself. I just can't wait to graduate high school (about 3 more months), you know? Do my own thing, explore new places, meet new people. 

Speaking about the future, I have some very exciting plans (that unfortunately I can't reveal right now, but I will very very soon!!). So you will all have to stay tuned! Trust me, it's worth sticking around. 

ALSO, I've reached 1,000 followers on Instagram, and I know that most of the new followers have come over and trickled into my blog. So I would just like to introduce myself to you guys. 
TO YOU, NEW FRIENDS, Hi! I'm Vanessa, and I'm looking forward to continuing my journey with you, here by my side to witness it all. 

Thank you all so much for sticking with me. My blog has become some kind of sanctuary for me to spill my love for fashion and all the inspiration that I have bottled up inside me. To share that with you through just a few clicks of a button truly amazes me. It's safe to say that for the last 2 years, I have learned so much while building this blog up. Just know, this is just the beginning.

And on that account, I hope you liked this outfit and I shall speak with you again soon! 
I love you all, old friends and new friends.
 Happy blogging! Xo, Vanessa.

12 March 2016


Hi guys! This is the first lookbook I've ever put together. When I'm thinking of spring, I'm always thinking of skirts/dresses, florals, and pastels. So, I compiled a little bit of something to show you what I would wear during the spring time.

ALSO, I'm still learning how to edit these videos, but it's safe to say that I'm really looking forward to growing in that aspect. It's a journey that you and I are going to take together. 

Enjoy! Xo, Vanessa.

09 March 2016

sporting blues

Outfit shot by friend, Pauline.
Flannel Baby doll dress from American Apparel;
Cropped blue-navy button up shirt from Forever 21;
High-top sneakers from Converse;
Watch from Daniel Wellington;
Baseball cap from San Francisco;

05 March 2016


Click to watch February's vlog! What would you guys like to see on this channel? I will definitely be posting lifestyle/fashion videos, but please, feel free to leave a comment down below! Thank you--

Happy blogging, loves! Xo, Vanessa.

01 March 2016


/fashion favorites/

I've come to realize that a black leather jacket has become a staple in my closet (as should it be in yours as well). Although most leather jackets (with really nice material) are on the more expensive side, I say invest in at least one piece! It's just so versatile and can really dress up a very casual outfit. I usually pair mine with high-waisted jeans! 

As you can see, Zara has been my go-to shopping place now... everything there is just so cute & so me!! I couldn't help myself. I just recently bought these shoes, though I know I will get so much wear from them. 

Aaaand last favorite clothing piece is this pair of Topshop jeans. They are literally THE most comfortable jeans I own right now. They just fit and stretch in all the right places (plus, it makes my butt look big... so that's a bonus right??)! Everyone needs a good pair of blue jeans, and these have become mine as of late. 

/beauty favorites/

Moving on to beauty favorites, I was gifted this mascara, along some other makeup, for my birthday 
and I know I haven't raved about this mascara SO HERE I AM RAVING ABOUT IT. I am beyond head over heels for these. My eyelashes are pretty long without any mascara, but with these on, they seem longer!! They do not clump on my eyelashes at all, and it's really easy to take off with face wash. I have a feeling I won't be moving on to any other mascara any time soon.

I recently bought this blush about two weeks ago because I lost my Mac blush (I know... how could I, right?). Anyways, I came across this and now I'm in love with a new blush. It is such a natural color when put on, and really just gives you a natural glow. My makeup routine consists of natural makeup and this Urban Decay blush coupled with the Smashbox mascara gives me that ultimate natural look. I have to say that my two favorite beauty/makeup products of February is a power duo. 

/favorite tv show & movie/

My friend Pauline introduced me to this TV show on Netflix, and I have to say that I'm pretty surprised. I would always see commercials for this show, but I never really looked into it. Let's just say I got really hooked and I binge-watched it... over 5 days. There are 3 seasons, each with about 20 episodes. It was that good... take my word for it: you definitely need to go and check it out (that is... if you like the whole romantic drama in back in the olden days. Don't worry the show is very modernized and has such a good sound track). PSA: it is very very VERY dramatic. 

The Man in the High Castle

I heard about this show through my cousins. I didn't even know that Amazon produced tv show series either. The Man in the High Castle would have to make it on your to-see list because this series is one-of-a-kind. It takes on the perspective of (What if Germany won WWII and the US actually lost?). The plot line is so unique and I can honestly say I have never watched anything like it.

Adult World
This movie made it on to my list of favorites because of a specific character in here, Rubia, played by Armando Riesco. I just couldn't stop laughing at her remarks and her whole persona. The overall movie is very indie-feely and is very cute. It's one of those movies you see scrolling through Netflix to see what you haven't watched and you're like "Why not?" This selection turned out to be a positive outcome. 


I say watch Ashby if you're in for a romantic drama that will give you a lot of life lessons. It's another cute indie (well, I think it's indie) movie starring my favorite, Nat Wolff, and Emma Roberts. 

/music favorites/
Audio-Technica AT-LP60 Turntable

My absolute favorite this month is my new record player! I am literally obsessed with it, and I'm so excited to start my own vinyl collection. Maybe one day, when I deem my collection to be enough, I'll do a blog post about them all. So far, I've purchased the 1975 and the new Cage the Elephant's album Tell Me I'm Pretty! The design of the turntable is very simple and modest; the sound is exquisite when coupled with a stereo system. Literally, the sound of angels in my ears. If you're on the hunt for a good record player, I definitely recommend this one.

Hippo Campus

I've been listening to Hippo Campus so much lately. They're a indie rock band that "delivers guitar-driven pop" and just really give off a spring/summer vibe. Whenever I listen to them, I'm either breaking out, dancing or playing my air guitar/drum. They never cease to put me in a good mood. I absolutely love all their songs, but Bashful Creatures is there most recent album; my favorite off of that album is Suicide Saturday!

/favorite blogger/
BLDG 25 Free People Blog

I've followed and kept up with the Free People blog for as long as I can remember. They give me such inspiration to keep doing what I do because I love doing it; they're also really good with life lessons & advices. Their content ranges from fashion to lifestyle to beauty etc etc and each post never ceases to amaze me. I say you should definitely go check them out [here] and prepare to be inspired!

Aaaand, that's a wrap for my February favorites! I hope you enjoyed this post and try out some of my favorites. Tell me, what was your favorite thing in the month of February? I had fun editing these pictures, and I hope you liked those as well-- Happy blogging, and I shall talk to you again later this week!

P.S. NEW UPDATE! I created an online portfolio for my photography. The link is in the header above or you can click [here] to view it!

Xo, Vanessa.