18 July 2016

rooftop blues

Shot by Cat Baugh of http://catmariephoto.com/
Black maxi dress from Brandy Melville;
Denim jacket from Savers;
Statement necklace from  Forever 21;
Black slip-ons from Nordstrom Rack (Dolce Vita);

The dress from Brandy Melville is so versatile.You could totally dress down this outfit by switching out the necklace and the shoes for a bandana choker and a pair of sneakers. 

If you don't know by now, (which you should-- you can get updates on me through my IG @allthingsvanessa!), I'm on vacation in Japan right now. In a couple of days, I'll be in South Korea. Of course, I'll be vlogging my very first trip out of the country. I'm not posting that much on Instagram right now though because it's kind of difficult to find wifi anywhere (+ I'm just using my time to really enjoy everything) . I'll post when I can!! But don't fret, I'm also taking some bomb pictures, those of which you'll see soon. So stay tuned for a future travel diary-- vlog edition! 

P.S. I'm finishing up my Apr/May/June vlog. Late, I know. But better late than never, right?? Even if it's 3 months due, hahaha!

Anyways, I'll talk to you guys soon. Love you all and happy blogging!
Xo, Vanessa.

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