14 August 2017

Malibu has my heart.

Shot by Justine of (IG: @justinejayphoto).
White top from TJ Max;
Skirt from YesStyle;
Jacket from Zara;
Shoes from Cathy Jean;
Belt from ASOS;

Hello, loves! It's been so long since my last outfit post. It seriously almost have been almost a year since I've posted one. I sincerely apologize for that. But alas, I'm here now!

One day, my friends, Justine and Katie, and I did a little day trip to LA. We had no plans whatsoever. We just knew that we wanted to go to North East towards LA. Almost an hour before we left, I found out that LANY was having a pop-up shop in the Bev Hills area. So there, we went. Some of my other friends were there too and we joined them in line. They waited 7 hours to finally get in! We met up with them in line, waited for at least 2 hours, and decided to give up. We knew that we had to wait at least another hour before we actually got to go in. We were also starting to get hangry. So we dipped, and decided to eat in Santa Monica at Society Kitchen (10/10 would recommend). Still with no plans, we decided to go to Santa Monica Pier and walk around. Somehow, we ended up in Malibu and not the pier (my fault, I missed a turn). This mistake turned into a blessing though because we found this gem spot (pictured) that overlooks the ocean and all the great big houses. This turned into a spot where we all appreciated and took it to heart. It was a place where we were able to forget all our worries for just a second and to take a breath. A blessing, it was indeed. At that moment, we all agreed that Malibu has taken our hearts. That this spot was definitely a place that we could always come back to whenever we were too stressed and depressed. 

All talk aside, on to the outfit! I paired a white and airy top with a button-down denim skirt (both, I don't remember where I got from!). To top both off, I added a hooped-belt. I've been seeing hoops everywhere now, and I am all for it!! I've also added a jacket with a hoop (thinner than the belt's) zipper. Though the hoops may seem repetitive, I feel like because the outfit is already so simple and basic, the hoops would tie the whole outfit together and add a little something extra to it. Slip into black-heeled sandals to match the black of the belt, and to give me that extra height, and the outfit is finished! This outfit is perfect for those hot and sunny days because the top isn't so constrained, where it'll still give you some room to breathe. When it gets darker and colder, throw on the jacket, and it'll turn into a night-out fit! 

I hope you guys liked this story-time outfit post. It's something different! Maybe, just maybe,  I'll do more of these in the future. 

Anyways, happy blogging! Xo, Vanessa.

10 August 2017

I'm back (again), and this time, better than ever.

Shot by Justine (IG: @justinejayphoto).

Hello lovely bloggers,

As some of you may remember, my last post was back in January. It has been one hell of a ride since then. In my last post, I told you guys and myself that 2017 was going to be the year where I focus on bettering myself. To be quite honest with you, that's exactly what I have been doing. A lot of shit went down and my mental health was greatly affected. But fret none, I'm better now. And it was with the help of my friends and family. I could honestly say that this past year, my first year in college, was the best year of my life. It has also been the worst year. In the end, I've learned so so SO much about myself. I've learned to put myself and my health first. I've learned that not everyone you expect to be friends with in the beginning are going to be there with you in the end (and that's totally okay). I've learned that I need to make certain decisions that will take me to where I want to be, future-wise.

And, thus, I'm so happy to say that I've been working so hard on transferring to LIM College in NYC for their Fashion Media program. I really truly believe that that's where I am meant to thrive in. I mean, where else would I pursue my dream other than the hub of fashion itself? I've been taking transfer classes and planning out what I need to do in order to transfer and attend the school by Fall 2018. Though I am so so excited for what's to come, I'm also nervous and afraid of leaving the things and the people I love in the West Coast. I'm someone who gets home-sick. A lot. So I guess, I'm just afraid of being lonely out there. But, it's okay. I need to do what I need to do to get to where I want to be, right? Anyways, if you're an East Coast reader, you should definitely hit me up so that I at least know some familiar faces hahaha!

Though I haven't been active on here, I have been active (or semi-active) updating my Instagrams (@allthingsvanessa and @vlephoto). I've kept up with photography and will be updating my online portfolio, so look out for that too!

I guess another reason for why I've been gone is because I wasn't inspired as much as I could have been in the dorms. In my opinion, UCI is kind of like a bubble. There's nothing really much to do except go to college parties and go to the town center across from campus to eat or drink boba. I wasn't inspired to go out and shoot or create content. I also didn't push myself to. Now that I'm commuting from home for another year, I feel like I'm able to get out of that bubble and really push forth. I'm determined to keep going and keep creating. If not for myself, than for you guys.

For those of you who have stuck with me until now, I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You mean the world to me, and to listen to what I have to say means so so much.

That's all I have to say now. Thank you again. You will most definitely hear from me, very very soon. Happy blogging, loves. Xo, Vanessa

17 January 2017

2016 was the year of... "just realizing stuff"-- 1ST POST OF 2017

Hello lovely bloggers,

Long time no talk. Seriously. College has been such a whirlwind, and I guess you haven't really heard from me because I've just been taking it in. I really wanted to focus on school the first quarter and get the hang of things-- "adulting" some might say (they probably don't say, but let's just stick with it). The campus is beautiful, the classes are interesting (well, some are), and the people are amazing. I've met so many great people here, and they've become my second family. It pretty much helps that my dorm is also themed as the "visual media" hall where I would meet like-minded people. Even though this is known as the art hall, there are so many different majors here that ranges from criminology to to film studies, from biology to drama.

Although, I admit that first quarter was kind of hard because some classes I took were almost to impossible to understand, I'm so glad that I was able to overcome those difficulties. Seriously, I don't know why I took philosophy. I thought it was going to be the most easiest and interesting class I would take last quarter (it was actually the hardest). This quarter, I vow to only try harder.

As the infamous Kylie Jenner would say, "This is the year of just realizing stuff." 2016 was truly the year for realizing stuff. 2017. New year resolutions. New year, new me, right?? Well, kind of. This year, I'm focusing on me. Bettering myself for myself. I spent last year worrying about other people's well-being rather than mine, and I think it's high time to change that. I'm not saying that I shouldn't be considerate or caring point-blank, but I need to consider myself for a change. I was always hurt or disappointed whenever my expectations weren't met by other people. I was also hurt when I focused on having a "crush" on somebody and it never really working out in the end. It seems at this time and age, people are always with a companion. Somebody to share their whole being with. Social media and today's newest indie movie featuring couple-of-the-year doesn't really help either. I guess when I thought I'd go into college, I'd immediately find that somebody. Thus, expectations met with hard, cold reality.

New year, new me. This year, I'm focusing on myself. Me trying to give constant content on All Things Vanessa. Me trying to better my photography and videography skills. Me trying to motivate myself to finish my first year of college. Me trying to maintain strong relationships with my loved ones. Me trying to find myself.

Cut the bullshit out of my life. Cut the people who weren't really there for me when I was for them. Cut the unnecessary drama and the obstacles standing in my way of truly reaching my potential.

Cold, hard truth. But, the truth, nonetheless.

2016 was the year of just realizing stuff, and this is me moving forward. Here's to 2017.
Happy blogging, loves. Talk to you next time. Xo, Vanessa.

P.S. If you don't see me posting on here often, you'll most likely see me updating my Instagram. You can reach my Instagram at @allthingsvanessa or @vlephoto. You can also check out my online photography portfolio at http://www.vlephoto.com/.