14 August 2017

Malibu has my heart.

Shot by Justine of (IG: @justinejayphoto).
White top from TJ Max;
Skirt from YesStyle;
Jacket from Zara;
Shoes from Cathy Jean;
Belt from ASOS;

Hello, loves! It's been so long since my last outfit post. It seriously almost have been almost a year since I've posted one. I sincerely apologize for that. But alas, I'm here now!

One day, my friends, Justine and Katie, and I did a little day trip to LA. We had no plans whatsoever. We just knew that we wanted to go to North East towards LA. Almost an hour before we left, I found out that LANY was having a pop-up shop in the Bev Hills area. So there, we went. Some of my other friends were there too and we joined them in line. They waited 7 hours to finally get in! We met up with them in line, waited for at least 2 hours, and decided to give up. We knew that we had to wait at least another hour before we actually got to go in. We were also starting to get hangry. So we dipped, and decided to eat in Santa Monica at Society Kitchen (10/10 would recommend). Still with no plans, we decided to go to Santa Monica Pier and walk around. Somehow, we ended up in Malibu and not the pier (my fault, I missed a turn). This mistake turned into a blessing though because we found this gem spot (pictured) that overlooks the ocean and all the great big houses. This turned into a spot where we all appreciated and took it to heart. It was a place where we were able to forget all our worries for just a second and to take a breath. A blessing, it was indeed. At that moment, we all agreed that Malibu has taken our hearts. That this spot was definitely a place that we could always come back to whenever we were too stressed and depressed. 

All talk aside, on to the outfit! I paired a white and airy top with a button-down denim skirt (both, I don't remember where I got from!). To top both off, I added a hooped-belt. I've been seeing hoops everywhere now, and I am all for it!! I've also added a jacket with a hoop (thinner than the belt's) zipper. Though the hoops may seem repetitive, I feel like because the outfit is already so simple and basic, the hoops would tie the whole outfit together and add a little something extra to it. Slip into black-heeled sandals to match the black of the belt, and to give me that extra height, and the outfit is finished! This outfit is perfect for those hot and sunny days because the top isn't so constrained, where it'll still give you some room to breathe. When it gets darker and colder, throw on the jacket, and it'll turn into a night-out fit! 

I hope you guys liked this story-time outfit post. It's something different! Maybe, just maybe,  I'll do more of these in the future. 

Anyways, happy blogging! Xo, Vanessa.

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