18 September 2017


Hello, lovely bloggers! It's that time of year again where everyone who is anyone is going back to school. Some of you may have already started. As for me, I still have two more weeks left! You can bet I am trying to live my summer (or what is left of it) up to its fullest. Because I don't post on here often, the best way for you to keep up with me and see what I'm doing is by following my Instagram! Click [here] to follow it, and yes. This is me shamelessly promoting myself :~). 

On to today's main topic, back-to-school outfits! There is no doubt that with school back again, we, as fashionable human beings (or wanting to be fashionable), have gone shopping to impress our peers with our stunning style accompanied with our new and stunning tan. This is for you beautiful people out there who have bought new pieces, but have no clue how to style them! Or if you haven't gone shopping yet, maybe this post can give you an idea with what's on trend for the back-to-school season.

Tip: For some of you still in high school and have serious dress-codes, fear not! We can work around the rules. Stay tuned to learn how you can still be stylish while following the rules.

Now that I'm done rambling on to introduce you guys the topic, here it is: 

The quick & easy. Here's the run-down. Let's be serious. College (or school, in general) is tiring. Thinking that you always have to dress up everyday in case you meet a notable and valuable connection is tiring. This specific outfit is tailored to this kind of feeling, and tbh this is what I'm mostly wearing half the time at school. Throw on a loose tee with a pair of shorts and high-tops for maximum comfort and minimal effort. For those classes that are a bit chilly, throw on an oversized cardigan. Top your outfit off with a black belt which will tie the whole outfit together, in my opinion.

Though you are dressed casually, you still make an impression that you tried to not look like a slob. (There's nothing wrong with wearing a plain tee with yoga pants, but actual denim bottoms do give the impression that you still want to look nice). 

For those with a dress code, throw on a pair of black cut-off skinny jeans. Still easy and quick to wear!

The babydolled. This outfit is for those days where you feel like you want to dress up a little more. Slip in a tie waist crop top with a pair of high-waisted boyfriend jeans for that babydoll, cute look.  Put on some slip-on shoes for ease and comfort. 

Though this outfit looks more dressed up, it's dressy without looking too dressy if you know what I mean. This is perfect for school, because you don't want to look too dressy! After all, you are just going to be sitting through lectures. At the same time, you've got no one to impress, but yourself! So have a kick with this kind of outfit and play around with it.

The cozy & chic. Here we have the cozy outfit. This outfit is for when you want to look cute, but also feel comfortable in what you're wearing. Throw on a pair of black skinnies with an oversized sweater for maximum coziness. Slip in some black loafers, and you've got the chic part down! Accessorize with a brown leather watch as well as a black satin scarf around your neck.

In this outfit, you're able to move around and work while feeling as comfortable as possible. Because of your accessories, your peers will think you're stylish to the max. Without them, your outfit would look a bit plain!

 The comfy street. This outfit for you lovely people out there who are all for the streetwear/skater look. Throw on a baggy band tee with a pair of black cut-off boyfriend jean. Top the outfit off with Van's Anaheim Factory Old Skool 36 DX shoes to achieve that skater look!

The other half of the time, I'll also be wearing street-inspired pieces! Not only is it one of the comfiest styles, but it also does give my look an edgier vibe which I can really appreciate! Sometimes my outfits get so boring and repetitive, so I love to mix it up with these kind of street looks.

The effortless. Last, but certainly not least, we have a cute look where it seems like you tried a lot, but it's literally just putting on specific pieces that make you look that way! Slip on a ribbed white cropped tank as well as a black denim skirt. Throw on some burgundy Chelsea-inspired booties as well as a satin scarf around your neck and a pair of cat-eyed sunnies. Top off the whole outfit with a pair of star earrings and a black belt. 

I think in this outfit, what makes it so effortless, is that the pieces we chose to wear such as the accessories makes it seem like we tried to look our best that day! This is a good tip for any kind of boring outfit. If you want to dress it up, definitely go with accessories such as earrings, scarves, belts, etc. It also helps to know what accessories look good with what because the golden rule in fashion (in my opinion) is that less is more!  

For those with a dress code, you can throw on a long cardigan that runs past the skirt so you can kill two birds with one stone! It'll cover up your shoulders while also making it seem like you have a longer bottom in case the skirt is too short.


And, there you have it! FIVE back-to-school outfits, perfect for whatever you're feeling on the day of. If you are having trouble styling a specific piece you have or want any more suggestions/inspiration, you are more than welcome to send me a question [here]! 

For my next post, I'm thinking to put together a back-to-school lookbook! If you want me to style a specific look you can also let me know about that! Otherwise, I'm just going to put together outfits that I would actually wear to college! Anyways, I hope you liked this post! If you did, definitely leave a comment down below. I love getting your guys' feedbacks!

Happy blogging! Xo, Vanessa.